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offseason training tips

Tips On How To Train Like It’s Offseason

By Guest Posts, Healthy Living

The pinnacle of the NFL football season, Super Bowl 51, has come and gone with the New England Patriots as the victors once again after an exciting match against the Atlanta Falcons. Now offseason has officially begun! But although it may be called “off,” but the boys are definitely not taking any kind of break. Training in the offseason is just as important during this time as any other, if not more so. After all, the players from the Falcons and the Patriots didn’t get to this Super Bowl by sitting around drinking beer and watching basketball! Here are a few resources on what teams have done to get stronger than the year before, and great tips on how to stay in shape the way the pros do:

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weight loss myths

Common Weight Loss Myths You Shouldn’t Trust

By Guest Posts, Healthy Living

Let’s be honest: You (or someone you know) put in a valiant effort to eat healthier this past holiday season, but still managed to overindulge a bit. Maybe you had one more slice of fruit cake or simply didn’t have any time to exercise with all that traveling you had to do. No matter what it was, if you’re aiming to lose that holiday tummy, you should arm yourself with the facts. Here are 4 common weight loss myths, freshly debunked!

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gym etiquette

6 Practices Of Excellent Gym Etiquette

By Healthy Living

With roughly a 300 percent increase in the search term “gym” as the new year approached (according to Google), you can bet your barbells that you weren’t the only one to make a resolution to lose weight in 2017. Good news for the gyms out there, but bad news for those who like them empty. Take a deep breath, smile and remember a few of these gym etiquette tips to keep you and your fellow treadmill runners and weight lifters happy.

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How To Embrace A “New Year, New You” Fitness Goal

By Guest Posts, Healthy Living

It’s that time of year again! The holidays came and went like they always do: desserts, drinking, and parties. And just like always, our post-holiday high leaves us feeling like the pounds have attached to our bodies like Velcro. So what do you do? Make a New Year’s resolution to lose the “x” amount of weight by the such and such day and month. It sounds good on paper, but by the second week of January, all those resolutions are broken for a number of (legitimate) reasons. Let’s break that trend in 2017.  Here are some suggestions on how to stick to your fitness goals this month and all year-round!

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goddess fit

Training Tips With The Ladies Of Goddess Fit Gym

By Featured Facilities, Healthy Living, Products

Go to the gym with confidence and a game plan after reading these trainer tips from our friends at Goddess Fit AZ. Goddess Fit’s goal is to help everyone not only feel more comfortable when beginning to workout but also to make sure they are getting the most out of each exercise by ensuring you have the tools for proper form. Add these tips to your next gym trip and take your workout to the next level!

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Protein Muscle Up

What You Should Be Eating To Muscle Up

By Guest Posts, Healthy Living

In order to get big, you have to eat big. Yep, you read that right. Eat. More. Food. There is no pill, powder or magic shake that will help you add bulk to your brawn. In fact, most trainers and bodybuilders out there would say that they’d rather miss a day of training than miss a meal. Muscle building is just as much about what you do with your body as it is what you put in your body, which means you have to be 100% committed to both a workout plan and a nutritional plan full of protein. So get a plate and fork ready, and take a stab at a few of these muscle morphing foods

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