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From the build quality of our equipment to the world class service and the innovative technology, SportsArt will form the ultimate partnership with you to help you build and maintain the most successful independent studios on the planet.

The ECO-POWR™ line of premium cardio equipment integrates innovative technology with thoughtfully designed products that harness and convert human energy into usable electricity.

Attracting members from bigger facilities takes more than a room full of traditional equipment. That’s where ECO-POWR™ comes in.

Equipping your studio with ECO-POWR™ cardio equipment means transforming
your facility into a sustainable power plant of human energy. This can help your gym stand out and benefit in a variety of ways:

  • Potential government incentives
  • Incredible press and marketing opportunities
  • Offset electrical bills
  • Attract members who are passionate about working out and saving the planet!
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The ECO-NATURAL™ line boasts energy saving fitness equipment that offers individuals a sustainable and intuitive workout experience embodied within a sleek and modern design.

Whatever your facility’s sustainability goals may be, zero out your fitness equipment by utilizing equipment that is energy independent.

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With the SA WELL+™ system, not only can members visualize the cumulative impact their workouts have on the environment, they can track their individual contribution to the overall goals. 

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