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Company-related content relevant to who we are and the SportsArt culture.

The Power to Change Lives

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In this Inspiring Our Shared World video, we talk to David Penna, an Exercise Physiologist at Moving With Hope (MWH). MWH is a leading adaptive fitness, learning, and rehabilitation center based in Shelton, Connecticut providing essential rehab, exercise, and skills training to people living with physical disabilities. Whether it’s spinal cord injuries or brain injuries, they use activity-based rehabilitation to help individuals improve their quality of life. Their mission aligns with SportsArt’s commitment to improving performance—not just for elite athletes, but for everyone driven to live their best life. That’s why we were excited to partner with MWH, providing them with rehabilitation equipment including our ICARE. And we’re inspired by the results that David shares. What we also love about MWH is how they don’t just focus on the physical aspect of rehabilitation. They offer a virtual reality job training program that puts them in real-life situations and gives them the real-world skills necessary to re-enter the job market. Check out the video to learn more about how they’re bringing hope, making a positive impact and changing lives for the better. Learn more about Moving With Hope
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Living Your Values, Beyond Fitness

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We continue our Inspiring Our Shared World video series with a very special guest, Garrett Williamson of Personal Edge Fitness. Based out of Mobile, Alabama, Personal Edge Fitness has a number of facilities focused on sport, fitness and enhancing people’s lives. As the name states, they provide customized training and health programs personalized to each individual’s expertise and needs. Whether it’s helping a professional athlete optimize performance or teaching someone to walk again, they do it all. Ultimately, Personal Edge Fitness is focused on helping people feel better about themselves, which extends beyond clients and into their charity work. Like SportsArt, they’re dedicated to leaving the world a better place than they found it. Check out the video to see how Personal Edge Fitness is inspiring our shared world by living their values in their fitness facilities—and extending them beyond the fitness industry to make a positive impact in the world. Learn more about Personal Edge Fitness
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The 17th Annual ICAA Forum Think Tank

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Download the Summary We were once again honored to be part of the latest Think Tank hosted by the International Council on Active Aging (ICAA). At this forum, the discussion centered around an emerging business model: Today’s innovative senior living organizations are moving toward a wellness lifestyle, with options for care. While this is ultimately a better and healthier choice for the active aging community, it poses challenges in terms of costs. Think Tank participants worked together to create actionable strategies for funding this new wellness model. This is a topic near and dear to the heart of SportsArt. Our focus has always been on serving the health and wellbeing of our users, our partners and our community. Being part of this forum enabled us to put our values to work in tangible ways by contributing ideas and insights that truly inspire performance for our shared world. Based on the wellness philosophy of a purposeful and engaged life for all residents, customers and staff members, SportsArt along with our forum colleagues identified 11 funding sources, 21 wellness metrics and five categories of Key Performance Indicators. Click here to download the Think Tank Report.
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Inspiring Our Shared World

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Download the Summary One of the highlights of our partnership with the International Council on Active Aging (ICAA) is being invited to participate in the annual Think Tank. This incredible forum brings together industry leaders committed to changing the world of active aging and improving the industry. The most recent event was focused on addressing the staffing crisis in senior living. What makes this forum so special is that we’re all working together to go beyond great insights and ideas. Participants are chosen because they have the industry knowledge to create a strategic path forward, AND the ability and resources to implement those solutions. At SportsArt, we’ve always been focused on making fitness available to everyone at every age and ability level. This aligns us perfectly with ICAA and makes our partnership very exciting. Make sure you check out the Inspiring Our Shared World video to learn more about ICAA, our partnership, and the vision that came from the last Think Tank. And download the summary to see the implementable strategies that can be put into practice right now. The 17th Annual ICAA Forum Think Tank is in Washington, DC, this June. SportsArt is looking forward to joining the conversation around "Funding the new wellness model in senior living."
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SportsArt: Our Culture Is Innovation

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Innovation is a buzzword that gets thrown around a lot. It sounds great when you are trying to impress your boss during your 10 o’clock meeting, but it’s rare that the term is actually embraced and recognized for what it truly means. At SportsArt, innovation is at the core of everything we do.

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SportsArt Appoints Ivo Grossi to CEO of the Americas

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SportsArt, today announced the promotion of its CEO of the Americas, Ivo Grossi. Ivo brings over 20 years of domestic and international executive experience in the fitness, health and wellness industry. He has built and led teams that have contributed to bringing innovative products, technologies, and solutions to market while substantially growing premium brands like Technogym, Peak Pilates and Sensoria Fitness.

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SportsArt Chosen as Provider for the World’s First Sustainable City

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SportsArt today announces its first installation in the United Arab Emirates as the exclusive provider of eco-friendly gym equipment for The Sustainable City. In a modern application of social, economic and environmental sustainability in the built environment, SportsArt’s contribution of cardio and strength equipment will further showcase The Sustainable City as a model for sustainable living, work, education, and recreation.

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Founder Paul Kuo Shares The History Of SportsArt

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Innovation means an endless pursuit of the next best thing, but it is easy to lose track of where you come from when your sights are always set on the future. At SportsArt we hold tight to our roots and the original vision that our founder, Paul Kuo, had for this company to help ground us as we move forward. Today we had time to catch up Paul to discuss the company’s history in the fitness industry.

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