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SportsArt Industry Insider: Apple Watch 2

By February 13, 2017April 15th, 2019Healthy Living

It’s time for another edition of the SportsArt Industry Insider, our overview of the latest fitness industry trends. This time we’re taking a look at the health and wellness benefits of the new Apple Watch 2.

With the recent reveal of the Apple Watch Series 2, Apple has taken major steps towards competitive placement in the fitness tracker industry. New features and partnerships place the Apple Watch 2 as a forerunner in mobile fitness tracking and smartphone companionship. iOS 3.0 for the Apple Watch adds the new workout and “breathe” functionality. This allows users to choose from a variety of workout modes and set goals (active calories, time, distance, or open), as well as receive detailed feedback regarding the workout (HR, calories, distance, time, and GPS maps).

The previous iteration of the Apple Watch was first, a smartphone companion allowing messaging, photo viewing, email reading, music control, etc. and secondly, a fitness tracker. In addition to those sought-after functions, Apple has added major features that catapult the Apple Watch 2 into the ranks of great fitness trackers. Now with built-in GPS and a high rating of water resistance you can take the watch and ditch the phone, fully tracking your runs, hikes, and swims while monitoring heart rate, calories burned and other important details.

Wearable tech is quickly becoming integrated into our everyday lives, especially those that help us to monitor our health and physical fitness. If the above trend interests you, you may also want to check out our new Android-based UI,  SENZA™, which connects to our SA WELL+™ app and allows users to start their workout in 3 touches or less. Keep an eye on this space for more SportsArt Industry Insiders!