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How To Embrace A “New Year, New You” Fitness Goal

By January 2, 2017December 31st, 2018Guest Posts, Healthy Living

It’s that time of year again! The holidays came and went like they always do: desserts, drinking, and parties. And just like always, our post-holiday high leaves us feeling like the pounds have attached to our bodies like Velcro. So what do you do? Make a New Year’s resolution to lose the “x” amount of weight by the such and such day and month. It sounds good on paper, but by the second week of January, all those resolutions are broken for a number of (legitimate) reasons.

Let’s break that trend in 2017.  Here are some suggestions on how to stick to your fitness goals this month and all year-round!

Set Realistic Goals For Yourself

Not even the most dedicated fitness fanatics work out seven days a week. It’s just not possible or healthy. My recommendation is to start off with twice a week. If you can manage to get 45 minutes of a solid workout done on each day (or between both days!) you’re on the right track. Remember: There’s no shame in adjusting your time.

Hire A Personal Trainer

Serena Williams and Michael Phelps have coaches. Why shouldn’t you? Personal Trainers are great mentors in your physical health and well-being. Arranging a regular time to meet with them will also force you to keep a schedule – especially since you’ll be paying for their services. Just be sure to ask a lot of questions and do research beforehand. Make sure that their certifications, style of training, and overall personality mesh well with yours. If you can afford it, why not invest in someone who’s invested in you?

Workout With A Friend

The buddy system never fails! If you can’t quite afford or aren’t ready to commit to a Personal Trainer, finding a friend to go with you to the gym can help just as much. Plus, it’s less creepy when your friend to show up at your house to go get you to work out! The main thing to keep in mind is to pick a workout buddy whose schedule consistently aligns well with yours. Too much rearranging will discourage working out and then you’re back to square one!

Be Mindful Of Your Diet

One does not simply ‘watch what they’ll eat.’ Unless you have nerves and willpower of steel, it never works! Obsessing over calorie count and potentially starving yourself isn’t work it. Instead, list out your (realistic) fitness goals and talk to a personal trainer or a nutritionist to figure out the best diet for you. You can also look up macro nutrition, which focuses on protein, carbohydrates, and fats. A great website to brush up on this is

Make Use Of Apps & Gadgets

There are lots of people out there who can replace personal trainers and workout buddies with modern technology. Wearables like FitBit and apps like My Fitness Pal hold users accountable for getting the right amounts of food, exercise, and sleep. It’s a great way to start working good habits into your busy day until you can do it on your own!

Now Get Started!

If there’s one important thing to take away from this list, it’s that too much time has been lost attempting to go over the top when it comes to New Year fitness goals. Instead of seeking to lose weight as quickly as possible through extreme means, take a more practical approach with methods and techniques that will get you the results you want for the long haul. Be kind to yourself. After all, it’s a New Year, right? The world is ready for the New You!