SportsArt offers multiple cardio lines that provide modern and elegantly designed units with durable,
and biomechanically excellent manufacturing. Every unit is built to outlast the most demanding
commercial environments while maintaining unparalleled value and great user experiences.

TREADMILLS  |  Energy-efficient and
maintenance reducing innovations.

CYCLES  |  Easy to access designs with multi-point
adjustability for comfortable rides.

ELLIPTICALS  |  Biomechanically focused movement
path and customizable stride lengths.

ALTERNATE TRAINERS   |  Designed to provide
multiple workout options in a single footprint.

  • All
  • Treadmills
  • Ellipticals
  • Cycles
  • Alternate Trainers
  • Status Series
  • Elite Series
  • Prime Series
  • Performance Series
  • Foundation Series
  • SENZA™
  • Residential
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