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SportsArt Industry Insider: Orangetheory

By January 11, 2017March 26th, 2019Healthy Living

At SportsArt, we believe in keeping up with the latest trends in the fitness industry helps fuel our own creativity and innovative ideas. Here’s a glimpse of what we observed this time: Orangetheory!

Orangetheory is a boutique group training company that incorporates full body and heart rate based interval training for 10-25 people. At the core of Orangetheory lies a heart rate monitor and the belief that effective training should incorporate periods of high intensity, near maximal heart rate. Heart rate monitors are bought and worn by each member and metrics are displayed during the class.

Workouts include periods of cardio (treadmill and/or rowers) and strength training (suspension training and/or free weights) during a 60-minute session. Each member’s heart rate metrics are displayed on a large screen along with a colored background to indicate workout intensity. As intensity and heart rate increase, the color changes from gray to blue, green, orange, and lastly, red. The goal of a workout is to attain a high level of splat points so post-exercise calorie burn stays elevated.

Classes vary in focus each day. Some focus on strength and those favoring more endurance based tasks, this allows for a more complete training program and improves results. Everyone has a differently level of fitness, so making the target zones a percentage of maximal heart rate allows the workouts to be effective for people of varying fitness levels.

Knowledge of nontraditional fitness facilities help us get to know our end-user even better, as well as where they may consider going to work out.  If the above trend is of interest to you, you might also be interested in how Eco Gym (previously known as Beach Fit) in the UK is revolutionizing membership dues thanks to ECO-POWR equipment. Keep an eye on this space for more SportsArt Industry Insiders!