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SportsArt cardio units come equipped with two primary console options that ensure all user and operator needs are met and exceeded.
Each unit comes with an energy smart wake up button, or sleep function, to reduce the energy consumption when not in use and a
fitness-first display layout that enables users to intuitively get into their workouts as quickly and efficiently as possible. During a workout,
the easy to read displays communicate key data points, keeping exercisers engaged and informed on their progress.

The SportsArt SENZA™ touchscreen console enhances user interactions by providing a simple, streamlined approach to workouts, while allowing users to consume the entertainment they want, their way. With TV and Internet streaming, ANYcast screen mirroring options, SENZA™ Journeys, and a plethora of pre-set workout programs the SENZA™ technology incorporates everything exercisers need for a simple, dynamic workout experience.


19-inch, 16-inch, or 13-inch touchscreen with intuitive interface allows users to quickly find workouts and entertainment.

Built-in TV tuner and Internet connectivity provide a plethora of personal viewing options to stay engaged (or distracted) during a workout.

SENZA™ Journeys create a fully immersive cardio experience.

ANYcast screen mirroring technology to cast smart devices.

Quick workout commencement in as little as two screen taps.

Available on Status and Elite lines.


SportsArt’s LCD consoles provide users with a familiar and quickly understood format that displays key workout metrics to keep exercisers informed, engaged, and free from distractions while working out. The consoles come equipped with a variety of pre-set workout programs and goals to supply users the ability to fine-tune and customize their workout options.


Easy-to-read LCD display.

Feedback window offers a quick look at Calories, Distance, Time, Pace, METs and more.

Cardio Advisor shows heart rate and optimal heart rate for weight loss and cardio training zones.

Integrated Quick Start keys help get your workout started faster.

Change Display key provides a greater number of workout metrics.

Available on Status, Elite, and Prime
ECO-NATURAL™ and ECO-POWR™ products.