The housing industry is competitive and having a standout fitness facility that differentiates can make
a difference in winning over potential residents. SportsArt offers incredible technology, reliability,
and sustainable innovation all wrapped up in a great looking package.

The ECO-POWR™ line of premium cardio equipment integrates innovative technology with thoughtfully designed products that harness and convert human energy into usable electricity.

Residential buying decisions can sometimes come down to a few unique benefits or features and a unique and compelling fitness facility can certainly be one of them. Your residential facility will stand out with ECO-POWR™ by providing sustainable workout options in your fitness facility that allow users to view their individual
wattage produced right on the console.

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The SENZA™ line features SportsArt’s top of the line cardio equipment, designed to house the premium SENZA™ technology and entertainment system. The intuitive console actively engages residents by providing a streamlined approach to workouts while allowing them to consume entertainment, their way.

Reduce energy consumption while engaging residents with SENZA™ touchscreen technology.

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With the SA WELL+™ system, not only can
residents visualize the cumulative impact
their workouts have on the environment,
they can track their individual contribution
to the overall goals. 

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Dubai | United Arab Emirates
Toronto | Canada
Myrtle Beach | South Carolina

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