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A Rooftop Cycling Class Using SportsArt's G516 Cycles.

Offer Programming that Offers Value

By Healthy Living, Products
You probably offer a wide range of quality programming to serve the needs of your members. But today’s socially conscious members and fitness enthusiasts demand an inspiring experience that goes above and beyond to match their values and lifestyle. That’s where SportsArt comes in. We share similar values, and can give you an edge when it comes to attracting and retaining consumers.  By simply incorporating innovative ECO-POWR™ energy-generating cardio equipment into your programming, you can create a unique experience that seamlessly integrates social responsibility into popular and familiar programs.  Interval Training is a Great Place to Start Interval training has become, and remains, a favorite workout regimen for many people for many reasons. The benefits of briefly pushing your body, then letting it recover, then pushing it again are well known. Research has shown that interval training helps improve cardiovascular and respiratory health, reduce fat and control glucose. Studies have even shown that this type of training could have additional benefits for older adults, namely reversing signs of aging within cells. The brevity of interval training is also an appealing aspect. Instead of investing hours and hours into long workouts, results can be seen through much shorter workout increments, making interval training appealing for today’s busy lifestyles. And, even within interval training programs, there’s no rigid requirements. Programs can be as flexible as needed to meet the needs of groups and individuals. So how can you make interval training even more attractive, engaging and inspiring? Match Your Equipment to Member Values SportsArt…
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SportsArt: Our Culture Is Innovation

By Company, Products
Innovation is a buzzword that gets thrown around a lot. It sounds great when you are trying to impress your boss during your 10 o’clock meeting, but it’s rare that the term is actually embraced and recognized for what it truly means. At SportsArt, innovation is at the core of everything we do. (more…)
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Green Fitness: Do More With Your Workout

By Healthy Living, Sustainability
You get done with your workout, sweat dripping off everything, and you're feeling great. But maybe you've looked at all that liquid energy and thought, "If only I could do something with all this!". Well, as it turns out, you can. By working out at a gym that focuses on green fitness, your workout could actually lower your carbon footprint and help power the planet. No joke! Green fitness is catching on, and you can be an integral part of the movement just by doing the same workout you already do at an eco-focused gym. (more…)
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SportsArt at Sportex 2017 – Tehran, Sep. 4-7

By Press Release
Through its new and exclusive distributor, Kavosh Harekate Dena Co. (KHD), SportsArt will showcase its exclusive line of strength and cardio equipment. Sportex 2017 is an exhibition for sportswear and sports equipment, held in Tehran. The 16th annual event will attract many local producers and manufacturers as well as many foreign suppliers. “Introducing our innovative products to a new group of individuals allows them to have a hands-on experience and engage with the SportsArt brand,” said Paul Kuo, President of SportsArt. “With a trade show like Sportex, individuals have the opportunity to see first-hand the quality of our products and gain a deep understanding of who we are and what we provide our customers with.” Kavosh Harekate Dena Co. will present SportsArt’s strength and cardio equipment to attendees, including gym and studio owners, facility center managers, sports shop owners and individual users. Mr. Giovanni Berselli as SportsArt’s EMEA Sales Director, Hotel Channel will also attend the fair to support KHD’s team the best, especially during the meetings with managers of large and high ranked hotels in Iran scheduled to be held at SportsArt/KHD booth for Sep. 5th and 6th, among which a meeting is fixed with top managers of Parisian Hotels Complex as the largest chain hotel complex in Iran covering more than 20 hotels across the country. SportsArt’s strength and cardio products will be available for preview at booth No. 9 in the southwest location of Zone A. About Kavosh Harekat Dena (KHD) Co. — Being active in field…
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Indoor Cycling Studios, Get Ready To See Red!

By Products
You find yourself in an indoor cycling studio with music blaring and fans blasting. All around you people are pushing themselves to be faster, stronger, better. The room is lit by a kaleidoscope of colors and the instructor is calling out: “Okay! Everyone take it up to Red!” (more…)
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The First Sustainable Fitness Studio is Here and It’s POWERFUL

By Articles, Featured Facilities, Products
Have you noticed the sustainable shift happening in the fitness industry? Lately, there has been less and less talk about the classic little-bits-of-everything fitness clubs that offer a variety of equipment and more talk about the uprising of small ‘boutique’ fitness facilities. But all kinds of boutique facilities -- whether they focus on cycling, HIIT, dance, or personal training -- still face the same obstacles to success: How to retain members while bringing in new ones, all the while keeping costs low, competing with the local gym franchises, and turning a profit. Luckily, there’s one solution for everything: being different in a way that matters. (more…)
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icare movement

What Could Be Better Than Giving The Gift Of Movement?

By Products
Do you work with patients who experience balance issues because of by Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, or stroke? As a firm believer of exercise as medicine – especially when dealing with acute and chronic disease – I am often challenged to create a better life for my clients with limited resources. Changes in insurance policies reduce reimbursement and limit client visits, leading us to make difficult decisions regarding the best treatment plans. The ICARE system from the Madonna Institute and SportsArt is one such alternative for treatment. (more…)
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Nadia Ruiz Runs A Marathon For Watts For Wishes At IHRSA 2017

By Events
Named the Youngest Latina to Complete 100 Marathons in the World, Nadia Ruiz is an inspiring athlete with a thirst for adventure. Her passion for competing in marathons began when she was fourteen, during which her father ran alongside and encouraged her to complete the Los Angeles Marathon. Driven by her victory, Nadia continued to run and train for marathons. Her family was also motivated to exercise along with her as well in hopes of showing their support. Four years after her first, she walked the LA Marathon with her mom, dad, sister and little brother. These marathons, she says, are some of her most memorable. In addition to being a competitor and coach, Nadia also works as a marketing consultant and biology teacher, where she hopes her accomplishments will have a positive impact on her students. “I teach at an inner city school and lots of kids think that because they come from an immigrant family or a poor family, they can’t go for such goals,” she says, “I want to show them anything can be done no matter what their background.” At 32, Ruiz has completed 130 marathons (68 as Boston Qualifiers), 70 half marathons, 11 ultras, and 5 Ironmans. Her next major goals are to trek across some of the major trails in the US: the John Muir Trail, Pacific Crest Trail, Appalachian Trail, and the Swiss Alps. Meet Nadia Ruiz At IHRSA 2017 Nadia will be running a marathon of her own for the SportsArt Watts…
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