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ECO-POWR™: 8 Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

By November 15, 2017June 21st, 2019Products

Humans are curious by nature. When we see something new, we cannot help but want to learn more! That is why we decided to share the most frequently asked questions regarding our innovative ECO-POWR™ cardio line and their answers. Check them out!

What is ECO-POWR?

SportsArt ECO-POWR™ is a line of cardio equipment that harnesses human energy produced throughout a workout and converts it into utility grade electricity, offsetting the facility’s power consumption and reducing its carbon footprint.

How does the technology work?

ECO-POWR utilizes SportsArt’s proprietary built-in micro-inverter to convert the DC electricity, of a standard self-powered piece of cardio equipment, into utility grade AC electricity. When plugged into any standard outlet, the energy produced goes directly into the facilities electrical grid, offsetting its energy consumption.

What are the electrical requirements of the system?

ECO-POWR units plug directly into a standard wall outlet that fits most household appliances, which means they are “plug and play” without any additional electrical circuitry.  There is, however, a limit to how many ECO-POWR units can be plugged into the same electrical circuit.

How many products can be on one power circuit?

The answer to this varies depending on how the power is delivered to the outlets in the facility.  The table below gives the maximum number of units for several scenarios.  For power configurations not covered in the table, please consult with your salesperson.  When incorporating many pieces of equipment into a space with limited outlets, ECO-POWR products can be daisy-chained together with optional cables.

How much energy does an ECO-POWRproduct produce?

An average 1-hour workout can produce approximately 160 watt-hours of electricity. However, the amount of energy can vary greatly based on the intensity and resistance settings of the workout, up to a maximum of 250 watt-hours per workout.

What is the ROI of a single unit?

The return on investment for ECO-POWR products is dependent on many factors including the intensity of the workouts, the number of hours the products are used per day, and the energy costs in the area of use. Calculate your facilities potential energy savings by visiting our ECO-Calculator.

How do facilities track energy production?

All ECO-POWR machines incorporate a readout in their displays that tells the current watts being put back to the grid. With SportsArt’s SA WELL+™ system or ECO-Display, a facility can track the collective and individual energy produced via a digital display that updates in real time.

Are these products ‘safe’?

Yes! ECO-POWR products abide by the same standard electrical requirements as traditional equipment. All SportsArt products meet FCC and ETL-U.S. certifications for safety.

Have a question that wasn’t answered above? Reach out to us by commenting below or contact us here and we’ll help you out as soon as possible!