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Indoor Cycling Studios, Get Ready To See Red!

By June 19, 2017December 31st, 2018Products

You find yourself in an indoor cycling studio with music blaring and fans blasting. All around you people are pushing themselves to be faster, stronger, better. The room is lit by a kaleidoscope of colors and the instructor is calling out: “Okay! Everyone take it up to Red!”

You look down at your cycle. The LED light is bright green, but bumping up your resistance level changes it to cyan. Then blue — you’re halfway there! — and as you begin to kick up the RPMs, that blue shifts to a vivacious purple, and finally that blaring red. The rest of your classmates’ consoles are also cycling through the colors, demonstrating their own intensity; eventually, a sea of Red.

“Thirty more seconds!” The instructor urges, and together the entire class powers through before tapering back down to Green. You’ve done it! That was the final big climb of the session. After a bit of a cooldown, you slide off your cycle like everybody else: Exhausted but proud, and eagerly awaiting the next class to continue your progress.

This isn’t just a vibrant figment of your imagination. It’s real, and that vibrant indoor cycling studio can easily be your studio with the C530.

The C530 delivers a whole new level of interaction to your indoor cycling classes. Its multicolored LED changes colors to indicate users’ workout intensity, combining RPM and resistance to equate to either green, cyan, blue, purple, or red. This allows instructors to identify where everyone is at via visual feedback and easily provide direction through a variety of intensities i.e. high RPM with low resistance set to blue, high resistance with low RPM set to purple, or any combination in between!

The C530 offers a smooth, natural ride suited for users of all training levels thanks to its 32 levels of resistance, 30.8lb flywheel, and zero-friction magnetic braking system. It also provides features that are often considered premium add-ons for similar equipment: An oversized LCD display, dual-function pedals, emergency stop feature, and highly adjustable seat and handlebars. Thanks to the C530, members of your indoor cycling studio will come back for more every time.