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Green Fitness: Do More With Your Workout

By September 19, 2017June 18th, 2019Healthy Living, Sustainability

You get done with your workout, sweat dripping off everything, and you’re feeling great. But maybe you’ve looked at all that liquid energy and thought, “If only I could do something with all this!”. Well, as it turns out, you can. By working out at a gym that focuses on green fitness, your workout could actually lower your carbon footprint and help power the planet. No joke! Green fitness is catching on, and you can be an integral part of the movement just by doing the same workout you already do at an eco-focused gym.

Green Fitness By the Numbers 

Let’s say you’re cranking out the miles on a stationary bike. At a traditional gym, all you’d be creating is sweat and a nice calorie deficit. But at a green fitness gym, you’d also be creating some serious energy.

Here are the numbers. A single bike can generate an average of 160 watts per hour (WPH) over the course of a workout.

Consider Jose. He owns Sacramento Eco Fitness and owns 14 bikes. If he runs three classes per day, that’s 2,400 watts he’s generating per class. To consolidate, that’s 2.4 kilowatts (KW) per class. Given that those classes run three days a week, you can do some basic calculations and figure out that his single class with 14 bikes creates 50.4 KW per week. If he takes two weeks off per year for holidays, that’s 2,620.8 KW per year.

Based on the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator, that means Jose’s green fitness gym – in a single cycling class held three times per week – generated enough energy to fuel 4,244 miles of driving. That’s also the same as 1,890 pounds of coal burned or the carbon generated by 46 tree seedlings grown for a decade. Put another way, that’s all the carbon sequestered by 1.7 acres of United States forest in a single year.

Put Your Workouts to Work 

ECO-POWR™ units convert workouts into energy, and you can help generate it just by doing the workouts you already do. These units turn your workouts into watts, can help power a significant portion of the country and you can help make it a reality. If a single class run three days a week can produce all the energy discussed above, imagine what an entire gym full of treadmills, bikes, and other ECO-POWR™ equipment could generate!

There’s a movement underway, and you can be a part of it! Click here to learn more about ECO-POWR™.