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Ruben Mejia

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10 Best Practices for Gyms On Social Media

By Guides & Best Practices

It’s 2016. 76% of all regular exercisers are of the millennial generation, and 33% of millennials identify social media as one of their preferred channels for communicating with businesses. In other words, gyms and fitness facilities need to up their social media game if they want to catch the attention of this tech-savvy generation. Here are 10 tips to help make sure your social channels are on the right track:

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meeting recess

Workplace Recess: A Much-Needed Break

By Company

SportsArt America has recently moved from our original building in Woodinville to a brand new facility in Mukilteo, and with this big change came a small adjustment period and a handful of expected challenges. One of these challenges was determining where to hold our monthly staff meeting while the room that would normally hold it was still finishing up construction. After much deliberation, our HR manager Tiffiny decided to cancel the meeting — but not the gathering itself! Instead, arrangements were made to host a special hour of good ol’ fashioned recess for the employees of SportsArt America. Carnival-esque games and dollar-store toys were arranged behind the building and a delicious spread of Jimmy John’s sandwiches was provided, encouraging everyone to venture out of the office and into the warm Washington summer sun. We may not have been as productive as we might have been during the meeting, but it was certainly a much-appreciated break. Shout-outs to HR and everyone else who helped to make it possible!

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fitness apps

3 Fitness Apps That Are Actually Fun

By Healthy Living

There’s no shame in admitting you’ve gone through one too many fitness apps. Whether you don’t have the time to dedicate to regular exercise or can’t stand being nagged at about your caloric intake, some apps can just suck all the fun out of staying healthy. But that doesn’t have to be the case!  We’ve found three fun apps meant to be so entertaining, you won’t even realize you’re working out.

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ICARE: Changing Lives With Every Step

By Products

Our mantra is to embrace “Your Best Self” – the version of you that you want to be. For many users of SportsArt equipment, this often means they aspire to become healthier or improve their physical fitness. Patients who use the ICARE, however, simply want to walk again. This is how SportsArt and the Madonna Institute help people do just that.

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treadmills heat

Heat: The Treadmill’s Archnemesis

By Guides & Best Practices, Products

Think about the last time you walked into a fitness facility: You walk in, catch a glimpse of people taking some sweet selfies, and survey the floor to see which machines are in use and who’s on them in order to pick the perfect place to begin your workout.  On the cardio side of the gym, this normally includes trying to find a treadmill that hasn’t been sandwiched between two other users. The best case scenario is an island of solidarity with no one on either side — a true rarity, as treadmills are historically the most used pieces of equipment in a gym. Everyone from the beginning quick-start walker to the fully-profiled 5k trainer can step up and get a stride going with ease! So what’s the problem?

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gym go green

8 Simple Ways Your Gym Can Go Green

By Guides & Best Practices, Sustainability

The term ‘sustainability’ has been popping up across all industries and doesn’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon. In the fitness industry, it’s often paired with words like “eco gym” and “green fitness” which refer to the practice of reducing buildings’ carbon footprints in order to help the environment. Your gym can get in on the green trend with these 8 tips:

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radisson red

ECO-POWR™ Generates Green Energy at Radisson Red

By Featured Facilities, Press Release, Products, Sustainability

SportsArt ECO-POWR™ continues to encourage facilities to embrace the benefits of sustainability, recently extending to the hospitality space. As featured in the Carlson Rezidor Responsible Business brochure, guests of the Radisson Red in Brussels — their first flagship hotel brand specifically catering to Millennials — return the kinetic energy they create while exercising to the hotel’s electrical grid, which generates power for the hotel and can lower energy bills overall.

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ECO-POWR™ at Eco Gym

ECO-POWR™ Empowers Eco Gym Studio In The UK

By Featured Facilities, Press Release, Products, Sustainability

Members of Eco Gym (previously known as BeachFit) in the United Kingdom are thrilled about the gym’s new revolutionary approach to membership fees. Thanks to SportsArt ECO-POWR™ cardio equipment and its connection with the SA WELL+™ app, members can track how much utility-grade electricity they generate with each workout. In turn, gym operators are able to reward users with membership discounts based on their energy output.

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