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3 Fitness Apps That Are Actually Fun

By August 11, 2016December 31st, 2018Healthy Living

There’s no shame in admitting you’ve gone through one too many fitness apps. Whether you don’t have the time to dedicate to regular exercise or can’t stand being nagged at about your caloric intake, some apps can just suck all the fun out of staying healthy.

But that doesn’t have to be the case!  We’ve found three fun apps meant to be so entertaining, you won’t even realize you’re working out.

1) Zombies, Run!

Don’t you love titles that get straight to the point? Zombies, Run! embraces age old story of the zombie apocalypse, as made famous by basically every type of media out there. As a survivor of a recent zombie epidemic, users run (or jog or walk or cycle!) throughout their neighborhood while receiving narrative missions to collect supplies for their home base. And, as with any fitness app, you can track your runs and progress online to see just how far you’ve come.

2) Superhero Workout

Superhero Workout actually comes from the same team that brought us Zombies, Run! and focuses on bodyweight training. The narrative revolves around users piloting a mech battle suit in order to save the world from alien threats. A unique feature of this app is that it uses motion tracking via the device’s camera in order to count every rep more accurately. You can even connect to Apple TV or Chromecast to watch yourself on the big (TV) screen!

3) Pokémon Go

You’re not surprised, are you? With the abrupt explosion of popularity, Pokémon Go’s somewhat infamous success is the app that’s been in the news every week since its launch. That being said, outside of encouraging its users to leave the comfort of their homes, it isn’t technically a fitness app. Pokémon Go simply requires players to wander around town and wait for cute little monsters to pop up around the map so that they can be caught. But this phenomenon has encouraged a ton of people to get up off their seats – and even make a few friends along the way!

In the meantime, plenty of Pokémon Go-themed workouts have popped up online. Can you try ‘em all?