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Ruben Mejia

6 Small Things Your Gym Can Do For World Environment Day

By Guides & Best Practices, Sustainability

Movements aren’t created by a single act or decision — they are the accumulation of all the little things that came together to inspire change. Creating a more sustainable earth is a movement that is going to take everyone making little changes in their daily lives. Your fitness facility can play a role in helping make the earth a greener one workout at a time with these simple changes.

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Eco-Friendly Fitness

Incorporate Eco-Friendly Fitness Into Your Workout

By Healthy Living, Products, Sustainability

There has been a focus on eco-friendly products, green business practices, and general do-good-for-the-environment consuming and it’s clear the trend isn’t going away anytime soon. There are plenty of little ways for you to support the movement and reduce your carbon footprint, such as shopping locally, taking public transport, composting your food waste, and so on. But what about your weekly workout? Follow these tips on how to incorporate eco-friendly fitness and make sustainable changes in your fitness routine:

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giovanni giorgio

Giovanni Berselli and Giorgio Gervasoni Discuss FIBO And More

By Company

It is easy to forget how big the world really is when you only work in one place. Our team was quickly reminded of this upon attending FIBO 2017 in Germany this year, where we met with many more employees and distributors of SportsArt — including our very own Giorgio Gervasoni and Giovanni Berselli. We sat down with them to learn more about how they handle business outside of the US and their experiences in the international market.

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A Beginner’s Guide To FIBO: What To Expect

By Events

FIBO 2017 was a fantastic experience. I have been anticipating attending ever since I was hired here at SportsArt America, especially since my position as Global Marketing Manager often has me working with our international teams and distributors. Between the chance to meet in person with people I’ve only interacted with digitally and all the fun stories about past shows from those who attended years before, FIBO grew more exciting and intimidating as the days to the trip counted down. Sure I had heard a lot, but what was I really supposed to expect? Now that I know first-hand, here’s a summary of what I’ve learned for future FIBO newbies:

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Nadia Ruiz Runs A Marathon For Watts For Wishes At IHRSA 2017

By Events

Named the Youngest Latina to Complete 100 Marathons in the World, Nadia Ruiz is an inspiring athlete with a thirst for adventure. Her passion for competing in marathons began when she was fourteen, during which her father ran alongside and encouraged her to complete the Los Angeles Marathon. Driven by her victory, Nadia continued to run and train for marathons. Her family was also motivated to exercise along with her as well in hopes of showing their support. Four years after her first, she walked the LA Marathon with her mom, dad, sister and little brother. These marathons, she says, are some of her most memorable. In addition to being a competitor and coach, Nadia also works as a marketing consultant and biology teacher, where she hopes her accomplishments will have a positive impact on her students. “I teach at an inner city school and lots of kids think that because they come from an immigrant family or a poor family, they can’t go for such goals,” she says, “I want to show them anything can be done no matter what their background.” At 32, Ruiz has completed 130 marathons (68 as Boston Qualifiers), 70 half marathons, 11 ultras, and 5 Ironmans. Her next major goals are to trek across some of the major trails in the US: the John Muir Trail, Pacific Crest Trail, Appalachian Trail, and the Swiss Alps. Meet Nadia Ruiz At IHRSA 2017 Nadia will be running a marathon of her own for the SportsArt Watts…

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Watts For Wishes

Generate Watts For Wishes at IHRSA 2017

By Events, Press Release, Products

What impact does your workout have on the world around you? Yours can help children in need at IHRSA 2017 this year in Los Angeles, California. SportsArt has teamed up with Make-A-Wish Greater Los Angeles to kick off the Watts for Wishes charity fundraiser. Every watt generated during IHRSA, the largest fitness tradeshow in North America, will equate to one dollar to Make-A-Wish.

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