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Stacey Elicker

Meeting the Needs of Multi-Unit Housing

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When we designed our ECO-POWR™ Elite line, we didn’t just look at residents of multi-unit housing properties. Yes, like all SportsArt products, our Elite line had to live up to our uncompromising quality standards and deliver the engaging experience that residents are looking for. But we believed this line needed to do so much more, meeting the needs of everyone involved — including the architects who design the fitness amenity, the developers behind new properties, and the property managers themselves.Architects are tasked with turning steel, stone and concrete into structures that are both functional and beautiful. We do the same with our equipment, taking every-day materials and crafting machines that are sleek and modern. ECO-POWR™ Elite looks great, accentuating and enhancing any fitness amenity. With its smaller footprint (when compared to our ECO-POWR™ Status line), Elite also allows any space, large or small, to be configured for maximum effectiveness. And finally, our proprietary energy-generating technology means that ECO-POWR™ Elite actually helps achieve LEED Certification goals.Developers are under pressure to meet an ever-growing list of sustainability goals and mandates. With its energy-generating capabilities, ECO-POWR™ Elite ensures that the fitness amenity supports these objectives. And because every SportsArt product is backed by a great warranty, Elite is a smart and reliable long-term investment that can help reduce costs. Of course, none of this matters if the equipment requires complex wiring or a complicated installation process. Fortunately, Elite plugs right into any standard electrical outlet. In fact, up to six units can daisy-chain into…
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Inspiring Our Shared World

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One of the highlights of our partnership with the International Council on Active Aging (ICAA) is being invited to participate in the annual Think Tank. This incredible forum brings together industry leaders committed to changing the world of active aging and improving the industry. The most recent event was focused on addressing the staffing crisis in senior living. What makes this forum so special is that we’re all working together to go beyond great insights and ideas. Participants are chosen because they have the industry knowledge to create a strategic path forward, AND the ability and resources to implement those solutions. At SportsArt, we’ve always been focused on making fitness available to everyone at every age and ability level. This aligns us perfectly with ICAA and makes our partnership very exciting. Make sure you check out the Inspiring Our Shared World video to learn more about ICAA, our partnership, and the vision that came from the last Think Tank. And download the summary to see the implementable strategies that can be put into practice right now. The 17th Annual ICAA Forum Think Tank is in Washington, DC, this June. SportsArt is looking forward to joining the conversation around "Funding the new wellness model in senior living."
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