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ICAA Going All-in for Wellness

By March 7, 2023Articles, Company

Once again, SportsArt was privileged to be a part of the latest Think Tank hosted by the International Council of Active Aging (ICAA). During this forum, industry leaders met to discuss tangible ways that organizations can work to shape and evolve their culture to fully commit to wellness-based senior care. While there has been a general cultural shift toward wellness, there has not been any tangible pathways or guidelines to assist organizations with ‘going all-in’ to serve the active aging population.

Download the Think Tank Report and find ways your organization can ‘go all-in’ for wellness today.

Download the Report

Here at SportsArt, we were so excited to bring our unique perspective to this discussion and contribute to an actionable plan with the other forum colleagues during this Think Tank. From this discussion, ICAA was able to outline the outcome as a report that provides the steps that can help guide the following elements of an organization: culture, leadership team, belief systems, financial models and staffing models.

We believe that when we move, we change the world. This is why we cannot wait to put these findings into practice within our own company culture in order to continue strengthening our own brand value, one that is rooted in the belief that serving others is more important than ourselves.