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The REAL Impact Of A Sustainable City

By October 9, 2017December 31st, 2018Company, Featured Facilities, Sustainability

Today we chat with Giovanni Berselli, our EMEA Hotel Channel Sales Director, once again. This time we are discussing SportsArt’s recent installation and support of the Sustainable City in Dubai. To learn more about the Sustainable City, read our press release.

Thanks again for your time, Giovanni. Let’s begin. Dubai has made great strides in its efforts to become one of the more sustainable cities in the Middle East. The Sustainable City is a clear example of one of these efforts.

“Yes. It’s very exciting to be part of such a project!”

Walk me through the steps you took to get started. How did you first find out about the City and what helped the partnership move forward?

“I heard about the City from a variety of sources before reaching out. This is because the Sustainable City is continually recognized as a unique and innovative project by many local, regional, and international organizations. It won 10 Awards in 2016 alone!”

“What really stuck with me was the City’s mission: We are committed to integrate the economical, environmental, and social elements of sustainability throughout our projects and plans, and to do our share in fighting climate change, saving the planet, and preserving our resources for generations to come.”

“This mission statement almost all overlapped with SportsArt’s Mission. The first time I have talked to Mr. Michael Solvsten, I informed him of our similar visions and was very clear how great a match their values were to our ECO-POWR™ solutions.”

“It came down to forming a strong relationship with Michael. The sales process itself was pretty straight forward, so as soon as the City’s gym building had been set, we supplied our ECO-POWR™ solutions!”

Why did they decide to go with SportsArt equipment for their gym? What were they looking for?

“The overall idea was to provide the City’s residents with sustainable solutions both inside and outside their homes. Our ECO-POWR™ equipment acts not only as green fitness equipment, but also as a means to increase awareness among residents about the use of energy. Since working out on ECO-POWR™ produces watts, users are able to get a better understanding of the effort, sweat, and energy needed to return power to the grid.”

“And the City has a lot more in store for its residents based on their energy production with ECO-POWR™, but I can’t disclose those ideas just yet!”

Thank you, Giovanni. One last question! What sort of impact do you foresee this project having on the future of SportsArt?

“I believe the Sustainable City Gym will become an international SportsArt showcase for eco-friendly living. Our plan is to continue fostering the net-zero landscape by supplying our ECO-POWR™ line to power other buildings in the City such as the sustainable hotels and green Diamond Centers in the future.”