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First-Ever ICARE Training Day Held In The UK

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On Friday, October 20th, 2017, SportsArt in partnership with The Disability Center in Dunstable, held its first ever ICARE Training Day. We invited a small select group of eight health care professionals from five different public facilities around the Luton area (40 miles north of London), plus three staff members from the Disability Center. The format of the day was centered around a ‘tell, show, do’ format that included presentations on the history of the SportsArt and the ICARE, benefits and video testimonials, and trainer insights and demos. (more…)
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What Could Be Better Than Giving The Gift Of Movement?

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Do you work with patients who experience balance issues because of by Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, or stroke? As a firm believer of exercise as medicine – especially when dealing with acute and chronic disease – I am often challenged to create a better life for my clients with limited resources. Changes in insurance policies reduce reimbursement and limit client visits, leading us to make difficult decisions regarding the best treatment plans. The ICARE system from the Madonna Institute and SportsArt is one such alternative for treatment. (more…)
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ICARE: Changing Lives With Every Step

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Our mantra is to embrace “Your Best Self” – the version of you that you want to be. For many users of SportsArt equipment, this often means they aspire to become healthier or improve their physical fitness. Patients who use the ICARE, however, simply want to walk again. This is how SportsArt and the Madonna Institute help people do just that. (more…)
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