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First-Ever ICARE Training Day Held In The UK

By October 23, 2017December 31st, 2018Events

On Friday, October 20th, 2017, SportsArt in partnership with The Disability Center in Dunstable, held its first ever ICARE Training Day. We invited a small select group of eight health care professionals from five different public facilities around the Luton area (40 miles north of London), plus three staff members from the Disability Center. The format of the day was centered around a ‘tell, show, do’ format that included presentations on the history of the SportsArt and the ICARE, benefits and video testimonials, and trainer insights and demos.

During the event, we heard very positive feedback in response to the ICARE. During our practical demonstrations, Fiona Forsyth, a current patient who has a spinal cord injury demonstrated on the machine so that everyone could see the effectiveness of the ICARE in a real-world application. After just 10 minutes of working at a low level, Fiona had a very positive response to a dramatic increase of flexion in her damaged leg.  It’s these examples of real patients having dramatic improvements to their life after major brain and spinal injuries that have medical facilities and experts opening their eyes to the possibilities that the ICARE provide.

Plans are in place to keep the ICARE at the Dunstable Disability Center for the next six months to offer future training days to help medical experts see the impact that ICARE can have on patients. The next one is scheduled for Tuesday 28th November 10:30 – 1PM.

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