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Takeaways From IHRSA 2017: The Eco Impact

By Events, Products
When I was thinking of rejoining the industry after a few years of owning a sports performance facility and coaching collegiate baseball, I knew that I wanted to go to a company that had huge upside potential. In looking around the industry, the big players had not changed since I left, other than the consolidation that had occurred at the top of the food chain. I had heard that technology was coming along quickly and that companies were still looking to integrate all of the technology into one deliverable that would take the industry by storm. I caught wind of a small player that would be making some big moves and it intrigued me to learn more. (more…)
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Watts For Wishes

Generate Watts For Wishes at IHRSA 2017

By Events, Press Release, Products
What impact does your workout have on the world around you? Yours can help children in need at IHRSA 2017 this year in Los Angeles, California. SportsArt has teamed up with Make-A-Wish Greater Los Angeles to kick off the Watts for Wishes charity fundraiser. Every watt generated during IHRSA, the largest fitness tradeshow in North America, will equate to one dollar to Make-A-Wish. (more…)
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fitness equipment buying guide

5 Tips On Buying Fitness Equipment

By Guides & Best Practices, Products
One question I get asked all the time is: "How do I find a good piece of fitness equipment?" To quote Einstein -- 'It's all relative.' People often associate value with total cost, but value can be defined in many more ways. For example, an $80,000 car doesn't mean you'll automatically get every feature you really need. In fact, it may mean you get a lot of stuff you don't. Conversely, a flashy ad for a $2500 economy car may make your wallet feel better, but in the long run, it probably won't be very good at getting you from point A to point B. Fitness equipment is no different! So here are a few things you need to know. (more…)
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Green Fitness: Making Your Bottom Line Greener

By Articles, Featured Facilities, Products, Sustainability
Sustainability and eco fitness are topics that have been dominating conversations across every industry as of late. Hospitality, automotive, fashion, and plenty of other companies are quickly realizing the benefits of creating a positive social and environmental impact on the world around them. Green initiatives help companies like Bank of America and Starbucks stand out from the competition and encourage a sort of “cult-like” brand loyalty from consumers that are growing exceedingly more concerned with the state of the planet. It’s no surprise that many people actively seek brands that align with their own personal ideals. In fact, the majority of consumers nowadays -- across all generations – have reported that they are willing to pay more for a product if a company is perceived to be providing a green product or service. (more…)
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Sacramento Eco Fitness

SportsArt Partners with Sacramento Eco Fitness

By Featured Facilities, Press Release, Products, Sustainability
SportsArt announces its partnership with Sacramento Eco Fitness, a new gym opening this month dedicated to sustainability and eco-friendly fitness initiatives. The studio will feature SportsArt’s ECO-POWR™ line of spinning bikes for a first of its kind indoor cycle studio which harnesses the power cyclists produce during their workouts and puts it back into the facility’s power grid. (more…)
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Consumers Want Sustainable Gym Equipment

By Press Release, Products, Sustainability
SportsArt, a leader in sustainable gym equipment, announces today the results of its 2016 survey on gym sustainability, looking at the preference of consumers when it comes to the option of sustainable and eco-friendly gym equipment. The survey found that 62.4 percent of consumers prefer to work out at a gym if it uses environmentally-friendly equipment.     “SportsArt’s ECO-POWR™ cardio line turns human energy into utility grade electricity through a micro-inverter similar to the technology found in solar panels and wind turbines,” said Ivo Grossi, Vice President of Sales at SportsArt. “When plugged into a power outlet, the equipment will convert human energy into electricity – this can produce more than 160 watts of electricity which allows gyms to create incentive programs for their members and save money.” (more…)
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goddess fit

Training Tips With The Ladies Of Goddess Fit Gym

By Featured Facilities, Healthy Living, Products
Go to the gym with confidence and a game plan after reading these trainer tips from our friends at Goddess Fit AZ. Goddess Fit's goal is to help everyone not only feel more comfortable when beginning to workout but also to make sure they are getting the most out of each exercise by ensuring you have the tools for proper form. Add these tips to your next gym trip and take your workout to the next level! (more…)
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The Tests our Treadmills Must Pass

By Company, Products
It’s every gyms owner’s dream: Find a space, buy some fitness equipment, create an amazing layout to optimize space and never have to give the equipment another thought. Sadly, this is rarely the fairy-tale story gym owners are accustom to. Inevitably, after a few worry-free days, in will walk the infamous 'bull in a china shop' user. Can your equipment handle that guy? SportsArt's equipment is built with these bull-like gym goers in mind. Take our treadmills for example. From design to production, our treadmills are put through the ringer with rigorous tests designed to break the average machine. These tests allow us to simulate the biggest, baddest users that "run" in your gym for hours on end and make sure that they can withstand the abuse time and time again. Some of the tests our treadmills must pass are: (more…)
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ICARE: Changing Lives With Every Step

By Products
Our mantra is to embrace “Your Best Self” – the version of you that you want to be. For many users of SportsArt equipment, this often means they aspire to become healthier or improve their physical fitness. Patients who use the ICARE, however, simply want to walk again. This is how SportsArt and the Madonna Institute help people do just that. (more…)
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