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Green Fitness: Making Your Bottom Line Greener

By January 13, 2017March 26th, 2019Articles, Featured Facilities, Products, Sustainability

Sustainability and eco fitness are topics that have been dominating conversations across every industry as of late. Hospitality, automotive, fashion, and plenty of other companies are quickly realizing the benefits of creating a positive social and environmental impact on the world around them. Green initiatives help companies like Bank of America and Starbucks stand out from the competition and encourage a sort of “cult-like” brand loyalty from consumers that are growing exceedingly more concerned with the state of the planet.

It’s no surprise that many people actively seek brands that align with their own personal ideals. In fact, the majority of consumers nowadays — across all generations – have reported that they are willing to pay more for a product if a company is perceived to be providing a green product or service.

Leading the charge of this revolutionary mindset are young adults, age 18-34, who are urging brands they interact with to become more sustainable or are switching to brands who already are. In addition to being the fastest-growing purchasing power, they are also incorporating healthier habits into their daily lives such as regular exercise both at home and at a facility of their choice. This is quickly leading to an untapped opportunity for those in the fitness industry.

A recently conducted survey found that out of 200 people ranging from age 30 to 60, nearly 63% of respondents would prefer to support a facility that utilizes energy-producing fitness equipment. This is not a common practice as of yet, but facilities that are presently embracing an “eco gym” philosophy, such as EcoGym in the UK and Sacramento Eco-Fitness in California, are vibrant examples of how going green can be good for both the environment and a gym’s bottom line.

The Start of Eco Fitness

Where did this eco-friendly revolution begin? It’s more recent than you think. The green fitness movement was largely pioneered by the Green Micro Gym out of Portland, which attracted members by allowing them to play a part in the gym’s sustainability. Its first location was such a success that it expanded into two additional locations and became a small franchise within the last 8 years.

Where Eco Fitness Is Now

Since the start of the the Green Micro Gym the technology surrounding sustainable fitness has come a long way. Most first looks at going green included external boxes and cords in a patchwork on equipment, not quite aesthetically pleasing. Now with products like that of SportsArt’s ECO-POWR cardio line, going green with bikes and ellipticals has never looked better or been simpler.

ECO-POWR™ is a revolutionary green technology for the fitness industry. The bikes like our G510 and ellipticals like our G875 function exactly the same as standard pieces of equipment but with some extra power possibilities. Throughout a normal workout, built in micro inverters harness the human energy being created. Of the energy being produced 74 percent is captured, converted, and returned to the grid as utility grade electricity. That means every watt produced instantly goes into your facility and goes to work helping save energy and money.

Embracing The New Technology For Better Business

With the inclusion of built-in micro converters also came the ability to visualize and track the impact a whole facility and individual members have on the environment via LED readouts and our SA WELL+™ system. Clubs such as Sacramento Eco-Fitness and EcoGym are utilizing the readouts and the ability to track individual member contributions to create business models that support the sustainable movement and a better bottom line.

Sacramento Eco Fitness is powering its cycle studio with fourteen G510s that help affect the impact the rest of the gym has on the environment. The green premise of the studio has quickly been drawing in members and is filling out their daily classes. Individuals are more apt to push themselves in their workout when they see the faster they pedal and greater they set their resistance, the more energy they produce. Not only do the classes increase workout satisfaction but they also provide a social contribution members are lining up to experience.

One of the most creative ways the ECO-POWR™ technology is being utilized is at EcoGym in the UK. They have incorporated sustainability into their business model and are using the green story to attract new members by differentiating themselves from competing gyms. Now after outfitting the facilities with SportsArt equipment they are also increasing member engagement and retention by offering green incentives for membership rates.

The SA WELL+™ system allows all individual members to track their workouts and the energy production of those workouts. In an effort to get more individuals working out consistently, EcoGym owner Paul Crane implemented a membership reduction plan based on a number of watts you generate each month: The more you workout, the more energy you produce, the less you pay. “Members love the idea in principle.” Paul explains “For me, it’s the future of the industry.”