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SENZA™ and the Fitness Industry Technology Paradox

By February 20, 2017July 31st, 2019Articles, Products

Have you noticed that the same old objects we’ve had for decades have suddenly become “smart”? We have smartphones, smartwatches, smart lights, smart clothing—even our appliances like dishwashers and refrigerators have joined the smart club.

Soon you’ll be using a smart toilet if you’re not already.

Great, right? Well, not always. We love technology until we don’t. While cramming an appliance with chips and circuits brings a new level of performance and function, it also increases complexity, forcing the user to learn new operating systems with varying levels of difficulty. In short, our appliances are getting smarter, but that doesn’t mean we are.

The Technology Paradox Plagues Health Clubs, Too

Any health club owner has witnessed this technology paradox in his or her own facility.

Today’s high-tech exercise machines are ingenious inventions, offering numerous variations of workouts on stair climbers, treadmills, stationary bikes, and other cardio equipment. But while the functionality always improves, the usability may not. Or to paraphrase noted Russian philosopher Yakov Smirnoff: “On health club machine, touchscreen controls you.”

This can be frustrating for club members who find it difficult to program the workout they prefer. Or they may find themselves locked into a training regimen that they want to change, but can’t figure out how to switch it up without starting over again. This can lead to members avoiding certain equipment or just giving up on the whole idea and opting to hit the road for a jog.

At the very least, the gamification of exercise machines can distract from your workout. And every new generation of equipment brings a fresh learning curve. As Calvin Trillin wrote recently in the New York Times, the world’s scariest word is “upgrade,” as in software upgrade that forces users to relearn new ways to do familiar tasks.

Simplicity is Beautiful (Or How to Make Technology Senzable)

The innovative minds at SportsArt recognized the technology paradox and created a new touchscreen that leaves all the complexity on the back end. Called SENZA™, these screens bring SportsArt’s “Fitness First” mentality to the high-tech experience. The industrial grade TFT dual-layer capacitive SENZA™ screen has an intuitive interface with large tiles and app-based options that allow users to jump into their workouts with just two keystrokes. SENZA™ technology is loaded with Bluetooth, USB audio, and other ancillary support options that should be compatible with any club member’s personal digital devices.

An added bonus of SENZA™ screens is that users can alter their workout and entertainment environment without re-starting the programming process. And their workout data will not be erased as they change things up. And with SENZA™ Journeys, that workout can happen in some of the most beautiful urban and natural locations on the planet. Mindfulness achieved!

SENZA™ screens are customizable, so club owners can input their logos and marketing messages, and even change the default settings to match the club’s clientele and culture, thus removing even more obstacles from the exercise machine experience.