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6 Small Things Your Gym Can Do For World Environment Day

By Guides & Best Practices, Sustainability

Movements aren’t created by a single act or decision — they are the accumulation of all the little things that came together to inspire change. Creating a more sustainable earth is a movement that is going to take everyone making little changes in their daily lives. Your fitness facility can play a role in helping make the earth a greener one workout at a time with these simple changes.

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fitness equipment buying guide

5 Tips On Buying Fitness Equipment

By Guides & Best Practices, Products

One question I get asked all the time is: “How do I find a good piece of fitness equipment?” To quote Einstein — ‘It’s all relative.’ People often associate value with total cost, but value can be defined in many more ways. For example, an $80,000 car doesn’t mean you’ll automatically get every feature you really need. In fact, it may mean you get a lot of stuff you don’t. Conversely, a flashy ad for a $2500 economy car may make your wallet feel better, but in the long run, it probably won’t be very good at getting you from point A to point B. Fitness equipment is no different! So here are a few things you need to know.

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Green Fitness: Making Your Bottom Line Greener

By Articles, Featured Facilities, Products, Sustainability

Sustainability and eco fitness are topics that have been dominating conversations across every industry as of late. Hospitality, automotive, fashion, and plenty of other companies are quickly realizing the benefits of creating a positive social and environmental impact on the world around them. Green initiatives help companies like Bank of America and Starbucks stand out from the competition and encourage a sort of “cult-like” brand loyalty from consumers that are growing exceedingly more concerned with the state of the planet. It’s no surprise that many people actively seek brands that align with their own personal ideals. In fact, the majority of consumers nowadays — across all generations – have reported that they are willing to pay more for a product if a company is perceived to be providing a green product or service.

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Consumers Want Sustainable Gym Equipment

By Press Release, Products, Sustainability

SportsArt, a leader in sustainable gym equipment, announces today the results of its 2016 survey on gym sustainability, looking at the preference of consumers when it comes to the option of sustainable and eco-friendly gym equipment. The survey found that 62.4 percent of consumers prefer to work out at a gym if it uses environmentally-friendly equipment.     “SportsArt’s ECO-POWR™ cardio line turns human energy into utility grade electricity through a micro-inverter similar to the technology found in solar panels and wind turbines,” said Ivo Grossi, Vice President of Sales at SportsArt. “When plugged into a power outlet, the equipment will convert human energy into electricity – this can produce more than 160 watts of electricity which allows gyms to create incentive programs for their members and save money.”

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Carlson Rezidor and SportsArt

Powering The Planet Together: SportsArt and Carlson Rezidor

By Press Release, Sustainability

We are excited to announce that SportsArt is now a preferred partner of the Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group. Carlson Rezidor is one of the most dynamic hotel companies worldwide. Its core brands include Radisson Blu, Park Inn by Radisson, PrizeOtel, as well as the Quorvus Collection and Radisson RED. It features an industry-leading Responsible Business program that strongly promotes corporate social responsibility and is based on the principles Think Planet, Think People, and Think Together. Steps towards this partnership began earlier this year when SportsArt delivered several of their ECO-POWR™ products to the brand new Radisson RED hotel in Brussels, Belgium. ECO-POWR™ cardio equipment allows users to generate and return utility-grade electricity to their facility’s power grid with every workout, which cuts costs for gyms and empowers users with the knowledge that they are helping the environment. This concept aligned with Raddison RED’s own eco-friendly initiatives.

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social media gyms

10 Best Practices for Gyms On Social Media

By Guides & Best Practices

It’s 2016. 76% of all regular exercisers are of the millennial generation, and 33% of millennials identify social media as one of their preferred channels for communicating with businesses. In other words, gyms and fitness facilities need to up their social media game if they want to catch the attention of this tech-savvy generation. Here are 10 tips to help make sure your social channels are on the right track:

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treadmills heat

Heat: The Treadmill’s Archnemesis

By Guides & Best Practices, Products

Think about the last time you walked into a fitness facility: You walk in, catch a glimpse of people taking some sweet selfies, and survey the floor to see which machines are in use and who’s on them in order to pick the perfect place to begin your workout.  On the cardio side of the gym, this normally includes trying to find a treadmill that hasn’t been sandwiched between two other users. The best case scenario is an island of solidarity with no one on either side — a true rarity, as treadmills are historically the most used pieces of equipment in a gym. Everyone from the beginning quick-start walker to the fully-profiled 5k trainer can step up and get a stride going with ease! So what’s the problem?

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gym go green

8 Simple Ways Your Gym Can Go Green

By Guides & Best Practices, Sustainability

The term ‘sustainability’ has been popping up across all industries and doesn’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon. In the fitness industry, it’s often paired with words like “eco gym” and “green fitness” which refer to the practice of reducing buildings’ carbon footprints in order to help the environment. Your gym can get in on the green trend with these 8 tips:

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ECO-POWR™ at Eco Gym

ECO-POWR™ Empowers Eco Gym Studio In The UK

By Featured Facilities, Press Release, Products, Sustainability

Members of Eco Gym (previously known as BeachFit) in the United Kingdom are thrilled about the gym’s new revolutionary approach to membership fees. Thanks to SportsArt ECO-POWR™ cardio equipment and its connection with the SA WELL+™ app, members can track how much utility-grade electricity they generate with each workout. In turn, gym operators are able to reward users with membership discounts based on their energy output.

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