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What It Means To Live Our Values

By August 31, 2021Uncategorized

SportsArt was built on the fundamental foundation that serving others is more rewarding than serving ourselves. Since the beginning our goal has always been to leave the world a better place—through our products, our corporate practices, and our community outreach.

The most apparent expression of our values is sustainability. Our ECO-POWR™ line is the world’s first and only energy-generating cardio equipment. Our ECO-NATURAL™ line completely eliminates the need for electricity with self-powered cardio equipment, or significantly reduces electricity usage through our innovative ECO-DRIVE™ energy-efficient motor.

Our commitment to sustainable solutions extends beyond products. Our latest manufacturing facility incorporates a number of energy-saving and resource-conservation elements. Large rainwater collection tanks provide water used in the manufacturing process. Solar panels generate half of the electricity the facility uses in a year. And special solar-reflective glass reduces the amount of energy required to cool the building. We’ve also made a few simple changes that make a big difference, like using sustainable cleaning products, drastically reducing the number of printed materials we create, and using reusable/compostable utensils in our offices.

But sustainability is just one of the many ways that we live our values. SportsArt’s rehabilitation equipment helps patients and individuals who are physically unable to use standard cardio machines. Our equipment assists and enables people to regain or retain their ability to walk and improve their overall physical fitness levels. But beyond the physical aspect, what our rehabilitation equipment truly does is help people envision—and accomplish—what they can do instead of focusing on what they can’t do. We’re making fitness and health available to a broader, more diverse group of people.

Service is another area where we bring our values to life. Our customers feel it in the personal service we provide, the relationships we build and the quality we deliver. Those aren’t just words. That’s the heart of our brand on display everyday in everything we do. And while feeling good about working with SportsArt is great, our values aren’t just about emotions.

When we say we serve others, that’s not just lip service. We genuinely listen to our customers’ needs—and then act upon what we learn. This has led to the design, development and manufacture of new products that meet more needs in more ways. That’s how we inspire performance in our shared world while also driving business results.

We firmly believe that holding true to our deep core values, and operating holistically with social consciousness, has enabled us to meet the needs of our customers in ways that others simply cannot. It has aligned us with customers, partners and employees who share our commitment to serving. And it sets us apart.

As the world begins to return to its new normal, consistently living our core values is only going to be more important. If you’re a club, gym, fitness amenity, or any other facility that serves individuals focused on health, fitness and social responsibility—like most people these days are—then SportsArt can help show how you’re living your values.