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SportsArt Appoints Ivo Grossi to CEO of the Americas

By October 3, 2017June 4th, 2019Company, Press Release, Sustainability

SportsArt, today announced the promotion of its CEO of the Americas, Ivo Grossi. Ivo brings over 20 years of domestic and international executive experience in the fitness, health and wellness industry. He has built and led teams that have contributed to bringing innovative products, technologies, and solutions to market while substantially growing premium brands like Technogym, Peak Pilates and Sensoria Fitness.

“We are very pleased Ivo decided to take our invitation to step into this new global leadership role. The vision, passion, integrity, and talent he has shown us over the last 18 months in his previous role as Executive Vice President are the foundation of which we count to take SportsArt to the next level,” said Paul Kuo President and Founder of SportsArt LTD.

“We have made great progress over the last 18 months to prepare the organization for a big breakthrough,” said Ivo Grossi, CEO of SportsArt. “In fact, we have wrapped our proven, ECO-POWR™ green technology in a beautiful, sleek and top-notch, Italian design that turns heads.”

SportsArt is in the process of launching a full, new cardio line comprised of six units in three different variations: ECO-POWR™- energy positive, ECO-NATURAL- energy neutral and SENZA™ — with touchscreens. The ECO-POWR™ line features two unique products: VERDE, the first green treadmill in the history of the fitness industry that harvests energy generated by the users and feeds it back into the grid, and VERSO, the first 3-in-1 cross-trainer machine that combines elliptical, stepper and bike motions.

“I look forward to bringing sustainability to the forefront of the fitness industry. We aspire to be the Tesla of fitness,” says Grossi. “This is not only a vision in perfect alignment with my professional values where people, planet, and profit are synergistic but more importantly, with the wants of the largest demographic group flocking to the fitness industry: The Millennials.”

Ivo teaches and practices yoga, meditation, and shamanism. He is a global speaker and writes about mindfulness, leadership and conscious business on his blog at