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SportsArt Chosen as Provider for the World’s First Sustainable City

SportsArt today announces its first installation in the United Arab Emirates as the exclusive provider of eco-friendly gym equipment for The Sustainable City. In a modern application of social, economic and environmental sustainability in the built environment, SportsArt’s contribution of cardio and strength equipment will further showcase The Sustainable City as a model for sustainable living, work, education, and recreation.

As part of The Sustainable City’s endeavor to create a net-zero environment, SportsArt was chosen to provide its award-winning ECO-POWR™ cardio series, which is the latest line of environmentally responsible cycles and ellipticals, and the first of its kind to harness the power of human energy and redistribute it back into the gym. SportsArt’s equipment will be located in The Sustainable City’s fitness center, where residents will benefit from the free gym as well as incentives based on their watts production.

“We are honored to be part of The Sustainable City’s vision to become an international showcase for eco-friendly living,” said Ivo Grossi, Vice President of SportsArt. “Our plan is to continue fostering the net-zero landscape by supplying our ECO-POWR™ line to power other buildings such as the Hotel Indigo and Green Diamond Centre in the future.”

“We have selected SportsArt to provide its ECO-POWR™ line for our city because of the company’s commitment to fostering a culture of conservation, which falls in line with our mission to maintain net-zero energy through social, economic and environmental sustainability,” said Mr. Michael Solvsten, The Sustainable City Operations Director. “As pioneers in sustainability, our decision to choose SportsArt as the equipment provider for The Sustainable Gym came naturally.”

The Sustainable City in Dubai is a game-changer for today’s progressive society and a blueprint for building future climate-friendly cities. The city puts a real-time, green eco-scape at the heart of daily life, providing a complete suite of environmental facilities. The city promotes clean mobility; uses low carbon building materials; operates an urban farm and a productive landscape; has installed 6.5 MW of solar power; and recycles and reuses its wastewater.

About SportsArt — SportsArt is the leader in sustainable gym equipment that is revolutionizing the way people stay fit with its ECO-POWR™ line. With more than 38 years of innovative design and manufacturing experience, SportsArt consistently seeks to advance industry standards, positioning itself as one of the most creative manufacturers of quality fitness, medical and residential equipment. SportsArt is one of the largest single brand manufacturers in the world and is sold in over 70 countries worldwide. With over 500,000 square feet of state-of-the-art manufacturing space; SportsArt designs, manufactures and tests all equipment to rigorous TÜV quality standards.

About Sustainable City — The Sustainable City in Dubai embraces the three pillars of sustainability; Social, Environmental, and Economic, across one all-inclusive and comprehensive community landscape. Providing a full array of residential wellness facilities and amenities that have no negative impact on the environment, a unique concept that redefines sustainable living through its energy efficient housing, first Net Zero Energy city, net Zero service or maintenance fees, green education and health care, eco-attractions and a full range of indoor and outdoor leisure activities, commercial, urban farming, and an Innovation Centre. With 46 hectares, the city is located in Dubailand on Al Qudra Road.

In the past year, The Sustainable City received more than 10 awards, including one from the International Green Design Awards 2016 in China, and also the ‘Green Residential Building of the Year’ at Emirates GBC 2016 Award. Furthermore, the city has partnered with Emirates Wildlife Society — WWF (EWS-WWF) to tackle climate change and promote energy conservation & solar power.

About Diamond Developers:

Established in 2003 by a team of eco-minded entrepreneurs, architects and civil engineers, Diamond Developers’ vision and mission is to be at the forefront of an environmentally, economically and socially sustainable property industry and to deliver premium quality properties and businesses.