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Surfing the Wave of Sustainable Fitness Through Our Members

As the owner of Eco Gym (previously known as Beachfit), I make it my responsibility to ensure our business contributes to making a positive difference to our planet. As advocates of a healthy lifestyle that we should take the same care with the environment as we do with our own bodies.

Since the inception of our eco-engineered gyms here in the UK, SportsArt has been hugely supportive and has provided us with a dynamic gym floor solution; one which inspires member engagement, aids retention and dovetails perfectly with our sustainable fitness model.

With ECO-POWR™ and the SA WELL+™ app, we track our members’ collective energy output and project their efforts via screens in the gym. The ability to offset our energy consumption in the gym through people power is both an exciting and rewarding concept, and one which I believe has the potential to reshape the way gyms do business in the future.

At Eco Gym we have taken this a step further by introducing an incentive scheme which rewards the member for working out! The more they exercise, the less they pay! It’s simple, but effective in 3 ways:

  1. Members work harder, feels healthier, and get better results
  2. Members feel better knowing they are contributing to a healthier planet
  3. Members save money on their membership dues!

In addition to that, the operator sees a reduction in their business energy costs. At BeachFit we also work with Ecotricity, who invest the money from our energy bills into building new renewable sources of energy from wind, sun, and sea. And this is just the start, so get on board!