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Follow These 9 Tips For Major Muscle Growth

By August 29, 2016December 31st, 2018Guest Posts, Healthy Living

Ready to bulk up some muscle? Try using these tips and best practices in your next workout!

  • Train Like An Assassin: Get in, do the job, and get out. Be as efficient as possible. Bonus points if you can slip in and out of the gym unnoticed! #NinjaSkills
  • Do What You Hate: Change up your routine regularly and be sure to include the exercises you don’t like to do (unless injury dictates otherwise). It’ll make mastering them all the more satisfying and keep you from hitting a progress plateau.
  • Change Up Your Environment, Too: Working out in different gyms and locales forces you to adapt your training. Plus it helps fend off boredom.
  • Double Up: Aim to train twice a day if your lifestyle/schedule permits it and train each muscle twice a week. Two ‘leg days’ are better than one!
  • Avoid LISS: If you’re looking to bulk up, don’t include low-intensity steady state CV workouts. If you have to include cardio, HIIT it! This helps you retain lean muscle tissue.
  • Eat Good, Feel Good: Pulse 20g of protein every 3-4 hours and get those carbs in during intense training phases. A protein-rich breakfast will assist in keeping a positive net protein level, particularly if you train in the early morning.
  • Rest, rest, rest: Plan short rest phases and stick to them. These will keep your sessions timed, strict, and productive. If you can add a few power naps to your schedule, all the better!
  • Strive For Perfection: Don’t allow getting ‘in the zone’ to ruin your form! Good technique is paramount when adding challenging loads.
  • Find A Perfect Balance: Avoid muscle failure, but aim to achieve fatigue with as much volume as your training protocol permits.

These are just a couple tips we picked up from our friend Lee Bell the Muscle Mechanic, who is part of SportsArts Partner Envisage. What are your thoughts on the list? Share other muscle-building tips you’d like to add to the list in the comments below.