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7 Marketing Strategies For Gyms To Attract New Members

By June 26, 2017December 31st, 2018Guides & Best Practices

Attracting new members and increasing retention doesn’t have to be a difficult process. Like many businesses today, adapting to the values of potential customers can have a substantial impact on the influx of new customers. Here are seven marketing strategies for gyms that can help attract new members and increase your bottom line.

  1. Hold Remote Classes

Technology has made it easier than ever to satisfy those who would rather spend their free time at home as opposed to going to the gym for exercise. Offering scheduled remote classes is a great way to tap into the market for people who are less comfortable or simply too busy to attend gym sessions. Offering a simple starter pack with light weights, stretch bands and the like can add to your bottom line.

  1. Introduce And Advertise Sustainable Fitness Products

One of the best marketing strategies for gyms lately is all about going green. Currently, eco-friendly businesses tend to attract more customers based on the cultural shift of values. Purchasing and using sustainable fitness equipment not only taps into this growing market but reduces overall gym costs as well. It is not necessary to go all-in and turn your gym into an elliptical machine-run haven, but by integrating sustainable fitness equipment and business practices, you open up the opportunity to increase and retain memberships as well as a multitude of other cost saving and marketing opportunities.

  1. The Power Of Friendship

Instituting a monthly bring-a-friend day is essentially free marketing. A single day’s usage of your gym is enough to garner new members if the experience is good enough. Avoid allowing bring-a-friend days more frequently than once or twice a month and offer membership discounts on those days to all invited friends.

  1. Offer Coaching Discounts To New Members

Fitness coaching allows you to connect with what each individual is looking for, and thus provide what will get them to stick around. Far too many members leave simply because they don’t know where to start or what to do. A discount on coaching right at the start is effective for attracting new members.

  1. Utilize A Referral Program

This is a simple, effective way to passively increase new membership. By allowing current members to be rewarded for recruiting, you can gain new members at a very low cost-per-head ratio. Incentives need not be expensive and can often be relatively simple such as a free month of membership or a gift card. Once a healthy amount of referral influx exists, larger incentives can be utilized to foster competition for top referrer prizes.

  1. Social Media Is Your Friend

As unsurprising as it is at this point, social media impact can pave the way to success. Word of mouth and offline advertising can only do so much. Making a commitment to growing your online audience, publishing and sharing great content and engaging with your connections is imperative to continue the relationships with your members and prospective members outside gym walls. Conducting contests or giveaways on social media are among one of the best marketing strategies for gyms, too.

  1. Upgrade Your Gym

This works hand in hand with offering sustainable equipment options but focuses more on the bells and whistles approach. People crave the new and updated and will flock to a gym offering advanced equipment that fits their needs. Don’t underestimate the return value of the shiny and new.

For more information on sustainable fitness equipment and practices, be sure to check out our free Club Industry Webinar — How To Grow and Differentiate Your Gym With Sustainability.