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José Avina: Eco-Conscious Entrepreneur of Eco Fitness

By June 28, 2017December 31st, 2018Articles, Featured Facilities, Sustainability

José Avina, the eco-conscious CEO and owner of Eco Fitness, isn’t your everyday CEO. But then again, Eco Fitness isn’t your everyday gym. José has a dream of becoming the 24-hour fitness of the eco fitness genre. He is well on his way to achieving just that. Nestled cozily between L Street and Liestal Alley in Midtown Sacramento, this open-face gym truly is a diamond in the rough.  As I walked past the gym, the words Eco Fitness popped out at me.  I had to stop and peek inside to see what this was all about.

Daniel Michael of Trend Privé Magazine shares details of  his experience at Eco Fitness in Sacramento, California, one of SportsArt’s major success stories in North America. The interview not only highlights what inspired José to start a sustainable gym, but also how the SportsArt ECO-POWR™ cardio equipment at his facility works and supports his green aspirations.

“I was running on a treadmill, and I always shock myself when I’m running on treadmills. I started thinking to myself, ‘what if there is a way to harness this human energy to produce clean energy’.”

“Through the system that SportsArt has created, they track every gym and what they are producing. My idea was to create a network between our gym and the UK. We want to be able to compete with each other, how many watts we are producing.”

Read the full interview on  Trend Privé Magazine here.