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6 Questions For A Sustainable Gym Owner (With Answers!)

Sustainable gym owners from California to the United Kingdom have created a community around the sharing of ideas. Together they discuss each other’s best practices in order to become more sustainable and profitable, which inspires other gym owners to go green as well. Recently we held a webinar with the Association Of Fitness Studios, where Paul Crane of Eco Gym UK shared his knowledge with attendees and some insights into how they are using green fitness technologies like ECO-POWR™ to create a community effect around their gym.

We were elated with the participation that came out of the webinar and how many people had such a variety of questions during our Q&A period. Questions like:

  1. How long does it take to set up a sustainable business like this and what can I expect from start to finish?
  2. What percentage of your members are getting a discount from this program?
  3. Have your members left other gyms to join Eco Gym as a result of your program?
  4. What ways have you really marketed your business to stand out in your community? You have such a great message being green, but how have you honed in on what to say?
  5. Have you matched the potential lost revenue in discounts if all members took advantage of the cost savings of the energy?
  6. Can you go into more detail into what a Green Circle Certified Gym means? Do I need a specific amount of equipment to become certified?

Click Here to watch the full webinar and get Paul’s answers to these questions.

We spoke to Paul after the webinar about how thoughts on the Q&A and he said he wants to continue to help any gym owners who are looking to make the world a more sustainable place. He has also agreed to answer any questions you leave in the comments of this blog! So watch the webinar for yourself and then comment below if have any more questions for the industry’s leading sustainable gym owner!