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SportsArt and Radisson Blu ECO-POWR Contest A Huge Success

By October 30, 2017December 31st, 2018Events, Sustainability

Back in September, SportsArt and Radisson Blu worked together to create the ‘Watts For Water’ campaign in celebration of Radisson’s Responsible Business Action Month. The contest spanned six hotels in Oslo, Norway and produced some wonderful results not only for us but for charity as well. Joakim Olandersson, the Regional Responsible Business Coordinator, shared his thoughts on the campaign in a message to his colleagues when all was said and done:

I wanted to send a few notes regarding the “Watts For Water” campaign six of our hotels in Oslo partook in and that was arranged in collaboration with SportsArt

First of all, a big thank you to Giovanni Berselli from SportsArt who took the time to come to Oslo for a day and help me to prepare and launch the campaign. It was a pleasure spending the day with Giovanni visiting all six hotels, he was a great help in inspiring, and motivating the employees at the hotels to get the campaign started. Giovanni is very professional; he knows his products and he is, in general, a very happy, polite and nice person to be around.

That being said, I am also left with a very positive impression of the rest of the team at SportsArt that I have collaborated with. Both Luca Fini and Alanna Honigman have been nothing but a pleasure to work with and I thank both of you for your time, effort and dedication to the campaign.

The campaign itself was a competition for the guests and employees of our hotels in Oslo, as well as for the hotels themselves.

SportsArt provided us with two recumbent bikes that generate electricity as you pedal on them. The guest competition was to get on the bike, pedal and then post on social media the number of watts produced while biking. After posting, the guest would be part of a draw where one entry per hotel would win a free night stay at the hotel the entry was posted for.

Also, for every 100 watts produced, the hotel would make a donation to the Just A Drop foundation to the equivalent of providing one child with safe drinking water for life.

Each of the six hotels had a bike for 10 days and then SportsArt’s partner in Norway, Gym2000, would pick up the bike, do a reading of the number of watts produced and move it to the next hotel in line for the campaign.

The employees and the hotels would compete amongst each other to see who could produce the most watts during the ten day period.

In the end we had 3 lucky guests who won a free night stay, 6 employees who won tickets to a “We Love the 80’s” concert, a hotel (Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel) that won a helper for the day who would perform any task provided for 4 hours and 32 children who was provided with safe drinking water for life. All in all, a huge success!

We at SportsArt would like to thank Joakim Olandersson, Sven Wiltink, Asle and Knut from Gym2000, and the many Radisson Blu workers at the Oslo hotels for helping to make this possible. ECO-POWR ™ depends on people like you to help power the planet!