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ECO-POWR™ Generates Green Energy at Radisson Red

SportsArt ECO-POWR™ continues to encourage facilities to embrace the benefits of sustainability, recently extending to the hospitality space. As featured in the Carlson Rezidor Responsible Business brochure, guests of the Radisson Red in Brussels — their first flagship hotel brand specifically catering to Millennials — return the kinetic energy they create while exercising to the hotel’s electrical grid, which generates power for the hotel and can lower energy bills overall.

In addition to that, guests are able to track their workout progress with the SA WELL+™ app on their phone, which shows them exactly how much they’ve generated that day and share that information on social media. Sustainability and a healthy lifestyle is a movement that many gym-goers, especially Millennials, are excited to embrace.

“The Radisson RED brand specifically targets Millennial guests and will be one of the most developed brands by Carlson Rezidor in the near future all over the world. We at SportsArt are proud to deploy our green fitness technology to serve this growing segment of the market that gravitates around a sustainable lifestyle,” says Ivo Grossi, VP of Sales.

SportsArt is working on a partnership with CSO (Rezidor Central Support Office) to make ECO-POWR™ the equipment of choice for all Radisson Red Hotels.