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SportsArt Industry Insider: Suspension Training

By April 24, 2017March 26th, 2019Healthy Living

It seems like there’s always a new method to hone your body through physical training. In this edition of the SportsArt Industry Insider, we take a look at suspension training and its benefits.

Suspension trainers are comprised of a rope, strap, or bungees system that can be attached to an anchor point. The user is then able to adjust the straps and handles to perform a wide array of upper, lower, and core exercises. Suspension trainers focus on functional movements that incorporate several planes of motion.

Suspension trainers, such as TRX, have become increasingly popular as of late. Recently, there has been a large shift towards functional training, that, coupled with the affordability and portability of suspension trainers has catapulted suspension training into mainstream training modalities.

Boasting time efficient full body workouts that engage core muscles at every step. Suspension trainers are an effective aspect of a resistance training regimen. Additionally, utilizing gravity and bodyweight exercises means suspension trainers can be easily tapered to fit the strength, endurance, and training capacity of its user with simple body position changes.

There are plenty of alternative ways to work out, but a solid training regimen and regular exercise only make up a part of what it means to be healthy. The other half is having a proper nutrition plan that matches your fitness goals. Try reading these blogs if you want to learn what to eat if you’re aiming to muscle up or if you’re looking to boost your speed and endurance. And don’t forget to keep an eye on this space for more SportsArt Industry Insiders!