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The Power of Feedback: How SportsArt Evolves Innovation

By September 5, 2017December 31st, 2018Products

Testing and gathering feedback is an important process at SportsArt. We want to ensure that the features of the units we provide not only look great but are functional and meet the expectations of our dealers, gym-owners, and end users. For this reason, we brought a prototype of our new A966 Power Cage to IHRSA and FIBO 2017.

The amount of feedback we received was incredible, and while many people enjoyed the premium, quality look of the unit, there were some aspects that needed to be addressed.

  • We drastically improved the functionality of the unit by redesigning the J-hooks to be safer and more user-friendly
  • Lowered the crossbeam to increase stability while decreasing risk of tripping or falling

We now believe that the A966 is the full package by offering a robust yet elegant frame with premium features such as resistance band pegs, fully adjustable safety bars and J-hooks, multi-grip pull-up bar, suspension trainer anchor points, and on unit plate storage. The A966 is truly a unit designed for you, by you.

Power cages are suitable for a variety of locations and users due to the ability to perform a wide array of exercises in a given area. Additionally, power cages are a pivotal piece of equipment for coaches and athletes of all ranges as primary lifts are key in athletic performance and the increased safety may help reduce the risk of injury while exercising.

A power cage will generally outperform a squat rack, in functionality, because they can be used for many primary lifts: back squat, deadlift, and bench press as well as secondary lifts such as pull-ups, chin-up, overhead press, and inverted rows just to name a few. The A966 is a functional piece of equipment that allows for variability both within and between exercises while providing a safe environment for maximal loads.

Click here for more information about the A966 Power Cage and as always…keep the feedback coming!