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How Will You Celebrate Earth Day 2017?

By April 22, 2017April 12th, 2019Guest Posts, Sustainability

Earth Day should act as a reminder of how important Mother Earth is to our present as well as our future. Don’t just be kind to her today — make an effort to better the world around us as often as possible! is a great place to start if you don’t already know about events, festivals and marches planned in your area. You can also find out about environmental news, campaigns centered on what’s happening in our schools, with endangered species, with reforestation, and how to get your city to “go green.” The site even has a downloadable toolkit so you can organize an Earth Day event in your own community!

But for those of us unable to organize a huge event , here are ways you can give back on April 22nd to the amazing planet we call home:

Ditch plastic bottles. Fill up your water bottle at home before you go out to the gym! Not tap-happy? You can order boxed water at or install a water filter on your tap to make sure it’s been properly filtered. If you still prefer to purchase your water, opt for glass bottles. I highly recommend Gerolsteiner Mineral Water, which I regularly grab at Trader Joe’s.

Plant a tree. Head to your local nursery (or to and buy a tree of any type! If you’ve got little ones, you can make it a fun family day out and plant the trees in your yard. Alternatively, you can avoid getting dirty by visiting stand for trees and buying a gift certificate to protect a forest of your choice.

Shop like you green it.  One of the easiest ways to help the environment is investing in sturdy reusable bags (or always choose paper over plastic) for your groceries. If you’ve got the space in your fridge and pantry, head to the bulk aisle for ingredients commonly wrapped in plastic bags such as beans and rice. Same with fruits and vegetables! And if you can, shop for locally sourced foods!

 Go paperless! Still getting bills in the mail? Checking the ‘paperless’ option on most companies’ sites will send all your receipts to your email, which effortlessly helps to save a few more trees.

Leave your car at home. Give your wheels a break and enjoy a leisurely stroll, exciting bike ride (get that heart pumping!), or trip on the local bus to get where you’re going. The fewer cars on the road, the more breathable our atmosphere becomes!

Talk to your children. It sounds ridiculously easy (it is!), but it’s also one of the most important things you can do for our planet. Our children are our future, after all! Educate them on ways they can conserve energy, why they should protect the environment and more. Most of all: Make it fun! Take them to the zoo to learn about endangered species, turn on the Discovery channel, and find books to read that talks about recycling. They (and the planet) will thank you for it!

Support the guys who care. There are tons of companies like SportsArt that promote sustainability and eco-friendly business practices! Companies like Apple, Starbucks, and Disney have green initiatives, too! It only takes a little research to find out who is doing what for the Earth — and that is energy worth using up.

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