T615M Treadmill

SportsArt rehabilitation treadmills are designed specifically for cardiac and physical therapy markets and come loaded with unique features, programs, and user amenities to help treat more patients, effectively. The T615M is thoughtfully designed with extended medical handrails, emergency stop button, and micro-amp leakage filter keeping users safe and comfortable throughout their exercise.




  • SafeStart™  |  The T615M Treadmill features SportsArt’s SafeStart™ 0.1 mph starting speed, instead of the 0.5 mph speed found on many treadmills. The low starting speed allows the T615M to be easier and safer for deconditioned users or those rehabbing from an injury. Along with a low starting speed, the SafeStart™ features also includes lower adjustment increments of only 1/10th of a mph.
  • Micro Amp Leakage Capability  |  The current leakage, Medical Grade ≤ 300µA, ensures that leakage falls well below acceptable medical industry thresholds.
  • Enhanced Safety with 3 Stop System  |  Keeping safety, a top priority, The T615M has 3 different ways to Stop the treadmill. A console button, safety key to attach to the user and an emergency stop switch offers easy access for therapists to intervene should the need arises. Each of the 3 buttons gives patients and therapists the ability to respond promptly to critical situations.
  • Dual Capacity Long Rails to accommodate Adult and Pediatric Patients  |  The extended rails of the T615M are designed with all users in mind, comfortably accommodating both adult and pediatric patients. This versatility ensures that your customers can provide top-tier care regardless of the patient’s age or size.
  • MyFlex+ Deck Cushioning System  |  SportsArt’s MyFlex+ design cushioning is a shock absorbing system used in our treadmill decks. Each MyFlex™ shock absorber is molded from an advanced composite elastomer that is designed to absorb repeated impact, but never lose resiliency. The MyFlex+ deck system is designed to provide the perfect balance of shock absorption and stability, featuring a cushioned landing area at the front of the deck for user heel strike along with a supportive push-off traction zone at the rear for stability.
  • ECO-GLIDE™ Auto Lubrication System  |  SportsArt’s auto walk belt lubricator is the most efficient lubrication system on the market. ECO-GLIDE™ automatically applies small amounts of lubrication to the walk belt every 125 miles. This process of less lubrication more frequently makes the walk belt and deck last longer as well as reduces high temperatures to key components.
  • FlowTec™ Filtration System  |  Our FlowTec™ filtration system keeps the treadmill motor compartment clean and free of debris/dust. FlowTec™ not only picks up particulates that get deposited under the hood of the treadmill is also serves a cooling system that moves air through the inside of the motor and gently blows it back over the heat sync enclosed motor.

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