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SportsArt’s SENZA™ touchscreen interface is designed around our commitment to a “Fitness First” mindset. Users are able to find the right workout faster and easier thanks to this intuitive, streamlined UI with lifestyle-targeted programs, dynamic entertainment options, and virtual workout experiences. Let SENZA™ help you discover #YourBestSelf.

SENZA™ Products

SENZA™ Features Demo

This silent demo video shows off the following SENZA™ features:

  • Simple walk-up interface
  • Tiled dashboard design
  • Virtual runs (SENZA™ Journeys)
  • Easily accessible metrics, options, and controls
  • Contrast mode for compliance
  • Multiple language options
  • Customisable home screen

SENZA™ Journeys

Where would you like to run today? From the Golden Gate Bridge to Arizona’s Apache trail, you’ll have plenty of new places to explore with SENZA™ Journeys. Our virtual run videos are equipped with dynamic speed optimisation so the video speeds up and slows down to match your pace.

Customizable Home Screen

Club owners and facility operators will enjoy customizing SENZA™ with various options like uploading company logos, adding an embedded home screen URL for internal marketing and member engagement, and easily-changing various default settings to make their facility’s experience unique.

High Quality Display

SENZA™ is built on the Android operating system with an industrial grade TFT dual-layer capacitive screen designed to withstand the daily abuse of a club environment. SENZA™ is available in a (48 cm, available in US only) screen on Status Series treadmills and a 16 inch (40 cm) screen on Status series bikes and ellipticals.

Dynamic Entertainment

SENZA™ offers multiple platforms of entertainment and user engagement. Its high-resolution screen delivers crystal clear television and internet with plenty of customisation options to fit your facility’s needs. Built-in Wi-Fi and integrated Ethernet allow you to stream content and Bluetooth 4.0 can transfer data and music.


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