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The G260 ECO-POWR™ Rower is the latest innovation from SportsArt, combining a smooth, effective rowing workout with energy-generating capabilities.

We designed the G260 from the ground-up to offer an exceptional rowing experience. First and foremost, our electromagnetic braking system mimics the real-world feeling of rowing on the water while producing energy through the movement. Wireless resistance adjustments provide complete control over any workout, allowing every individual to fine-tune their experience to their preferences.

Put ECO-POWR™ to work for your success.

Key Features that Inspire Performance.
  • Color-changing LED light indicates watts being generated in real-time, provides key insights and potential coaching cues.
  • Biomechanically focused foot pedals rotate easily at the appropriate pivot point—maintaining comfort at the foot and ankle while minimizing stress on the plantar fascia.
  • Smart workout programs and enhanced wireless heart rate receiver create a seamless digital experience, with information easily viewable with the pivoting LCD display.
  • Thoughtful details like an integrated cup and phone holder (plus optional phone holder), finger-safe seat carriage and vertical storability.
  • Chain-driven for added strength and durability.

Like all SportsArt equipment, the G260 was built to our high standards of quality, durability and reliability, so you can be confident it will deliver great results workout after workout.


Our innovative technology converts up to 74% of human energy into usable electricity which is sent back through your facilities power grid to offset energy consumption. No complicated wiring or electrical changes needed.

ECO-POWR™ is as simple as 1-2-3
1 | Plug in the unit to any standard electrical outlet, or daisy chain up to 6 units into a single outlet.
2 | Turn the equipment on.
3 | Begin working out.