ICARE: Intelligently Controlled Assistive Rehabilitation Elliptical


Relearning to walk and remaining physically active are important rehabilitation goals for individuals with weakness, numbness or balance problems and those recovering from a disabling injury or illness. To regain the ability to walk, thousands of task-specific repetitions are required to achieve lasting neuro plasticity gains.



•  Research shows that SportsArt’s elliptical more closely simulates natural walking motion than any other elliptical evaluated – Burnfield JM, Shu Y, Buster TW, Taylor AP (2010)Forward and reverse motor assistance allows speeds up to 65 cycles per minute
•  Adaptive motor assistance automatically adjusts to suit the patient’s exercise needs
•  Single or dual leg training options accommodate a wide range of patient needs
•  Adjustable stride range from 17”- 29” with fingertip shift-on-the-fly controls
•  Dual action motion for a complete body workout
•  Contact and telemetry heart rate monitoring
•  Remote control for easy, unintrusive clinician adjustments
•  Passcode control allows usage as a standalone elliptical trainer
•  Infrared safety system shutdown reduces risk of injury