Bow-WOW! SportsArt America welcomes a variety of its employees’ furry friends through its doors every day. This isn’t just convenient, it’s a health benefit for humans and pets alike! Read this blog to learn more.

Name: Moose Mejia
Breed: Alaskan Malamute
Parent(s): Carina & Ruben
Home: Washington, USA
Job Title: Official Food/Snack Tasting Officer
Favourite Spot In The Office: Wherever Penny is, but if she’s not here, my favourite spot is where Stella is hanging out.
Hobbies: Sitting by anyone that has food; Selective Listening; Laying in the shade.

About Me: Hi, folks!  I’m part of the office entertainment, especially when I can get my mum to chase me around the office.  I like to say hello to EVERYONE I come across, especially if they’re furry or if the human has food.  You can talk or shout at me in any language you want, but I really won’t listen to you unless you’ve got a snack.  My parents think I don’t hear them laughing when I’m sleeping with all four paws in the air, but it is so much cooler for me this way.  My least favourite hobby is jumping…it’s pretty hard to launch 120 lbs of sexiness in the air.

Name: Penny
Breed: Bernese Mountain Dog
Parent(s): Jon & Sadie
Home: Washington, USA
Job Title: Quality Control, Treats
Favourite Spot In The Office: In The Kitchen / Jason’s Office
Hobbies: Going for walks, runs or hikes, Snuggling, Playing Outside, Begging for Treats

About Me: I just love going to work, it’s so much fun because I love being around people and get to play with my friends. I’m very gentle for a big dog but sometimes I don’t know my own size and accidentally sit on my feline sister. I can never get enough pets or treats.

Name: Stella
Breed: Chocolate Lab
Parent(s): Britt and Malte
Home: Washington, USA
Job Title: Treadmill Speed Tester
Favourite Spot In The Office: Customer service and accounting departments. (They have great treats)
Hobbies: Bird Watching, Swimming, Stealing my friend’s toys, Tug-o’-War

About Me:

As I walk through the doors of the SportsArt Gym
I take a look at my treadmill and challenge my personal best
‘Cause I’ve been barking and running so long
that even my mum thinks that my mind is gone
But I haven’t never seen a tread where I couldn’t run it
I’m running like a pro, you know that’s what ya heard
You better watch how fast I’m running and where I’m stepping
So you and the puppies might run on a walk
I really hate to stop, but I gotta shock
As they clap, I see myself on the SA WELL+™ app
Food! I’m the kinda D.O.G. that likes to work for treats
On my paws in the gym, Pushin’ speed on the touch screen

Keep running every day
Working in a puppies’ paradise
Been running every day
Working in a SportsArt’s paradise
Keep running every day
Working in a puppies’
I keep running every day
Workin’ in a SportsArt paradise
I keep running every day
Working in a puppies’ paradise

Name: Mazie
Breed: Chihuahua
Parent(s): Tiffiny
Home: Washington, USA
Job Title: CR Assistant (Canine Resources, Assistant)
Favourite Spot In The Office: By the window in HR
Hobbies: Chasing bugs

About Me: My nickname is 2.8. This is what my owner calls me since it echoes my current weight. I enjoy playing with my toy ball on a spring & fetch! Being left alone, is not cool- so I can be seen out and about town in my tangerine coloured stroller!

Name: Ollie
Breed: A little of this and a little of that…
Parent(s): Ed & Vickie
Home: Washington, USA
Job Title: Door Greeter
Favourite Spot In The Office: At my food dish, and if not there, then on my blanket
Hobbies: Sleeping and wrestling

About Me: I am very social and like to say hello to everyone that comes in the door. And if you bring food with you I like you more. I am not very fond waking up in the morning at 5AM to be thrown in the car waiting for it to warm up. I also prefer the warm office to the cold warehouse. I also like playing fetch, but it’s more fun to watch my humans chase after the ball when I don’t want to.