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Offer Programming that Offers Value

You probably offer a wide range of quality programming to serve the needs of your members. But today’s socially conscious members and fitness enthusiasts demand an inspiring experience that goes above and beyond to match their values and lifestyle. That’s where SportsArt comes in. We share similar values, and can give you an edge when it comes to attracting and retaining consumers. 

By simply incorporating innovative ECO-POWR energy-generating cardio equipment into your programming, you can create a unique experience that seamlessly integrates social responsibility into popular and familiar programs. 

Interval Training is a Great Place to Start

Interval training has become, and remains, a favorite workout regimen for many people for many reasons. The benefits of briefly pushing your body, then letting it recover, then pushing it again are well known. Research has shown that interval training helps improve cardiovascular and respiratory health, reduce fat and control glucose. Studies have even shown that this type of training could have additional benefits for older adults, namely reversing signs of aging within cells.

The brevity of interval training is also an appealing aspect. Instead of investing hours and hours into long workouts, results can be seen through much shorter workout increments, making interval training appealing for today’s busy lifestyles. And, even within interval training programs, there’s no rigid requirements. Programs can be as flexible as needed to meet the needs of groups and individuals.

So how can you make interval training even more attractive, engaging and inspiring?

Match Your Equipment to Member Values

SportsArt is the fitness brand that stands for the values that resonate with existing members and attract potential members. Our goal has always been to leave the world a better place—through our products, our corporate practices, and our community service. The most apparent expression of our values is sustainability. Our ECO-POWR line is the world’s first and only energy-generating cardio equipment.

By creating interval training programs that utilize ECO-POWR equipment, you’re helping users reach their cardio and strength goals while also supporting their desire to live their values—not only inside their own homes, but through the businesses they support and the activities in which they choose to engage.

Offer Eco-friendly Interval Training

SportsArt has developed an interval training program designed to deliver great results while also helping power the planet. Our program utilizes four ECO-POWR machines that each convert up to 74% of human energy into usable electricity.

The program begins with the G778 Stepper, immediately engaging and challenging the cardiovascular system with step intervals. Before moving onto the next cardio machine, pushups focus on upper-body strength. Then it’s onto the G690 Treadmill, where our unique “push mode” is incorporated to amplify intensity. After the treadmill, squats continue working the lower body. Next is the G260 Rower, providing a full-body workout that feels just like rowing on the water. Planks for core strength are performed before moving onto the final cardio machine, the G516 Indoor Cycle. An LED light shows watts generated—and intensity—in real time.

That’s just a starting point. The great thing about interval training and ECO-POWR equipment is the ability to tailor programs to your member needs and the ECO-POWR equipment you already have. In less than 20 minutes, following our program or a program you design, members can get a powerful cardio and strength workout that aligns with their socially responsible values.

Explore the G690 Treadmill

Explore the G260 Rower 

Explore the G516 Indoor Cycle

G778 Stepper—Coming Soon!